Usa Cargo

Usa Cargo

Turkey-USA Air Cargo

Regardless of your cargo type, Turkey-USA air cargo shipment is easier, more affordable, and more secure!

Our firm takes its power from experience and you will be sure that your Turkey-USA air cargo will be delivered to recipient on time. There will be no package loss or package mix problem in Turkey-USA air cargo services and you can comfortably use this service as you know you will deliver the goods as you gave us.

Turkey-USA air cargo Service

  • When Choosing A Service Provider for Turkey-USA Air Cargo

    While searching for US air cargo firms, considering properties such as speed, safety, and prices will guide you to find the correct service provider. Our company offers services to all airports on different corners of the world. With our agreements with airlines that offer cargo service between Turkey and USA, we can offer fast service with competitive prices. After notifying us about cargo type, size, and shipment state/city, your operations will be started and a price offer suitable for your budget is prepared. We will monitor the journey of your Turkey-USA air cargo until the recipient after making an agreement.
  • Turkey-USA Air Cargo Service From Beginning to End

    When you start your Turkey-USA air cargo transport process after contacting our cargo company, we guarantee a professional service. With our Turkey-USA air cargo service, your cargo will be carried between two far away countries in a problem-free way. Any problems in this process will be instantly solved by our experienced personnel and you will be offered with a smooth Turkey-USA air cargo service.

    Our firm offers cargo services to individuals as well as institutions and we are offer the same level of sensitivity regardless of size and type of your Turkey-USA air cargo.
  • You Can Send Your Cargo Easily

    Our firm offers Turkey-USA air cargo services to individuals and acts as a bridge between two people on their special days. Our firm works delicately for special cargo and we are delivering sensitive and valuable cargo for your special days on time. All precautions are taken since your Turkey-USA air cargo will travel thousands of miles with air cargo transfer. In these types of cargo, weather predictions on transfer date is considered. We guarantee that there will be no surprises when you send your surprise Turkey-USA air cargo with our firm.
  • What Type of Cargo Can You Send with Turkey-USA Air Cargo Service?

    When you use our Turkey-USA air cargo service, you give your emergency documents, sport equipment, perishable foods, machinery, machinery parts, gifts, furniture, house appliances, and special activity tools. You can also send your valuable or sensitive cargo and dangerous cargo as well as pets and funerals with Turkey-USA air cargo service. Cargo with different weight, length, width are transferred with appropriate stacking and placing procedures under the responsibility of your firm.
  • United States of America

    United States of America (USA) was established in 04 July 1776. America has 4.500 km length from west coast to east coast and it is one of the most developed countries around the world. Canada is the north neighbour and Mexica is the south neighbour of USA. At the same time, this country has one of the most powerful economies. This country uses dollar as currency and this currency is traded as global reserve currency.

    California state is dominant with trade volume that is higher than some of the countries. Capital of USA is Washington DC and some of the important places are New Work that has Wall Street, Hollywood as the hearth of cinema and entertainment, and San Francisco with Silicon Valley that leads world technology.

    USA is also a technology giant and this country is home to global brands. USA is also detailed about Turkey-USA air cargo customs operations and the country sets an example to other countries. Commercial ship older than 10 years cannot enter to USA and you may experience different procedure while sending cargo. These procedures are constantly updated. Our firm monitors all these procedures closely and carry your Turkey-USA air cargo based on new procedures.
  • Relationship Between Turkey and USA

    These two countries has a long history. Both commercial and military agreements play an important role. Although this relationship has ups and downs due to global politics, Turkey and USA are ally countries. USA has a military base in Turkey. Two countries are members of international organisations such as NATO and UN and trade volume between these two countries is large. There are Turkish scientists and academicians working in globally reputable universities living in USA. Therefore, Turkey-USA air cargo operations are intense and has high volume.
  • What Is Different About USA Air Cargo Than Other Methods?

    Since Turkey and USA are on different continents, cargo transfer or journeys are only possible with sea route or air way. You can use road to send cargo to Europe or Asia but this is not an option for Turkey-USA air cargo. If you send Turkey-USA air cargo with sea route, the journey will take approximately one month and this is not advantageous. Schedules flights can complete the route between Turkey and USA in 10 hours. Since air transport is one of the safety transportation means, using air cargo in Turkey-USA air cargo transfer is the most appropriate option. You can deliver your cargo in just a couple of business days when your Turkey-USA air cargo is loaded to the plane.
  • How Is Turkey-USA Air Cargo Prices?

    Turkey-USA air cargo prices are calculated based on different parameters like cargo weight, width, height, and length. This method is also known as deci calculation and applied to all international shipments in addition to Turkey-USA air cargo. Pricing can only be completed after;
    • • Determining airports for Turkey-USA air cargo,
    • • Determining number of cargo, content (dangerous, valuable, sensitive etc), and dimensions (weight, volume etc) of Turkey-USA air cargo
    • • Determining whether the cargo will be delivered to airport or address.
    All you need to do is provide us these information via phone or e-mail for exact pricing.
  • USA Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Akron/Canton AKC Fulton International
    Albany ALB Albany International
    Alexandria AEX Alexandria Internation
    Albuquerque ABQ Albuquerque International
    Atlanta FTY Fulton County
    Atlanta JGL Galleria Heliport
    Atlanta JAJ Perimeter Mall
    Atlanta JAE Technology Park
    Atlanta JAO Beaver Ruin
    Atlanta, GA PDK Dekalb-Peachtree
    Atlanta, GA ATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
    Atlantic AIO Municipal
    Atlantic City AIY Bader Field
    Atlantic City JSL Steel Pier Hlpt
    Atlantic City ACY Atlantic City Intl
    Austin AUS Austin-Bergstrom International
    Austin MMR Camp Maybry AHP
    Austin AUM Austin
    Austin ASQ Austin
    Berlin BML Berlin Municipal Airport
    Bethel JBT City Landing
    Bethel BET Bethel Airport
    Bethpage BPA Grumman
    Bettles BTT Bettles
    Beverly BVY Beverly Municiple Airport
    Bhurban BHC Bhurban Heliport
    Big Bear RBF Big Bear City Arpt
    Big Creek BIC Big Creek
    Blytheville HKA Municipal
    Boston ZTY Boston BKBAY Rail
    Boston JBC Boston City Heliport
    Boston ZRU Boston RT128 Rail
    Boston ZTO Boston South Rail
    Boston BOS Logan International
    Charlotte CLT Charlotte Douglas
    Charlotte QWG Wilgrove Air Park
    Chevak VAK Chevak
    Cheyenne CYS Cheyenne
    Cheyenne FEW Warren AFB
    Chicago GYY Gary Regional
    Chicago PWK Pal-Waukee
    Chicago ORD O'Hare International
    Chicago CGX Merrill C Meigs
    Chicago NOH Chicago NAS
    Chicago CHI Chicago FSS
    Chicago MDW Midway
    Chicago DPA Dupage County
    Chickasha CHK Municipal
    Columbia COA Columbia
    Columbia MRC Maury County
    Columbia CUB Owens Field
    Columbia CAE Metropolitan Airport
    Columbia COU Columbia Regional
    Columbia MMT Mc Entire ANG Base
    Columbus UBS Lowndes County
    Columbus LCK Rickenbacker
    Columbus CUS Municipal
    Columbus OSU Ohio State University
    Columbus CBM Columbus AFB
    Columbus CMH Port Columbus Intl
    Columbus CLU Columbus Municipal
    Columbus MKF Mckenna AAF
    Columbus LSF Lawson AAF
    Columbus GTR Golden Triangle Reg.
    Columbus, OH OLU Columbus
    Compton CPM Compton
    Concord CCR Buchanan Fld
    Concord CON Concord
    Concordia CNK Blosser Municipal
    Connersville CEV Mettle Field
    Dallas DNE Dallas North Airport
    Dallas RBD Redbird
    Dallas JNH North Park Inn H/P
    Dallas JMD Market Centre H/P
    Dallas DAL Love Field
    Dallas DFW Dallas/ft Worth Intl
    Dallas ADS Addison Airport
    Dallas JDB Downtown Heliport
    Dalton DNN Municipal
    Danbury DXR Danbury
    Danger Bay DGB Danger Bay
    Dansville DSV Dansville
    Danville DAN Municipal
    Danville DNV Vermilion County
    Davenport DVN Davenport
    Dayton MGY Montgomery Co
    Dayton FFO Patterson AFB
    Dayton DWF Wright AFB
    Dayton, Oh DAY James Cox Dayton Intl
    Delta DTA Delta
    Delta Junction DJN Delta Junction
    Deming DMN Deming
    Denison DNS Municipal
    Denver APA Arapahoe Co
    Denver DEN Denver International
    Des Moines DSM Des Moines
    Destin DSI Destin
    Detroit DET Detroit City
    Detroit YIP Willow Run
    Detroit Lakes DTL Municipal
    Detroit, MI DTW Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County
    Douglas DGW Converse County
    Douglas DGL Douglas Municipal
    Douglas DUG Bisbee-Douglas Intl
    Douglas DGF Bisbee-douglas International
    Dublin PSK New River Valley
    Dublin DBN Municipal
    Dubois DBS Dubois
    Dubois DUJ Jefferson County
    Dubuque DBQ Municipal
    Duck DUF Pine Island Airport
    Easton ESW State
    Easton ESN Easton
    Fallon FLX Municipal
    Fallon NFL NAS
    Gardner GDM Municipal
    Gatlinburg GKT Gatlinburg
    Gaylord GLR Otsego County
    Georgetown GED Sussex County
    Georgetown GGE Georgetown
    Gettysburg GTY Gettysburg
    Gillette GCC Campbell County
    Glacier Creek KGZ Glacier Creek
    Gladwin GDW Gladwin
    Glasgow GLW Municipal
    Glasgow GGW International
    Houghton HTL Roscommon County
    Houlton HUL International
    Houma HUM Terrebonne
    Houston JGP Greenway Plaza H/P
    Houston JWL Woodlawns
    Houston JWH Westchase Hilton H/P
    Houston IWS West Houston
    Houston JGQ Transco Twr Galleria
    Houston SPX Spaceland
    Houston JPT Park Ten Heliport
    Houston HOU Hobby
    Houston IAH George Bush Intercntl.
    Houston EFD Ellington Field
    Houston DWH David Wayne Hooks
    Houston JDX Central Bus. District
    Houston AAP Andrau Airpark
    Houston JMA Marriot Astrodome
    Hudson HCC Columbia County
    Hughes HUS Municipal
    Imperial IPL Imperial County
    Imperial IML Imperial
    Imperial Beach NRS NAS
    Independence IDP Independence
    Indian Springs INS Af Aux
    Indiana, PA IDI Indiana
    Indianapolis IND International
    International Falls INL Falls Intl
    Inyokern IYK Kern County
    Iowa City IOW Iowa City
    Iowa Falls IFA Iowa Falls
    Jackpot KPT Jackpot
    Jackson MKL Mc Kellar-Sipes Regional
    Jackson JAC Jackson Hole
    Jackson JAN Jackson-Evers
    Jackson HKS Hawkins Field
    Jackson MJQ Jackson
    Jackson JXN Reynolds Municipal
    Jacksonville VQQ Cecil Field
    Jacksonville CRG Craig Municipal
    Jacksonville JAX Jacksonville International Airport
    Jacksonville NIP Jacksonville NAS
    Jacksonville IJX Municipal
    Kansas City MKC Downtown
    Kansas City JCI Johnson Industrial
    Kansas City KCK Fairfax Municipal
    Kansas City OJC Johnson Executive
    Kansas City MCI Kansas City International Airport
    Karluk KYK Karluk
    Karluk Lake KKL Karluk Lake SPB
    Ketchikan KTN International
    Key West EYW International
    Las Cruces LRU Municipal
    Las Vegas LVS Las Vegas
    Las Vegas HSH Henderson Sky Harbor
    Las Vegas LAS Mc Carran Intl
    Las Vegas VGT North Air Terminal
    Las Vegas, NV LSV Nellis AFB
    Lewistown LWT Municipal
    Lexington LEX Blue Grass
    Lexington LSD Creech AAF
    Los Angeles VNY Van Nuys
    Los Angeles JWC Warner Cntr Bus. Plaza
    Los Angeles JUC Universal City H/P
    Los Angeles JLX Union Station H/P
    Los Angeles JSN Sherman Oaks H/P
    Los Angeles LAX Los Angeles International
    Los Angeles JBP Commerce Bus. Plaza
    Los Angeles JID City Of Industry H/P
    Los Angeles JCX Citicorp Plaza H/P
    Los Angeles CCD Century City
    Los Angeles WHP Whiteman
    Los Angless SOW Show Low
    Marshall MLL Marshall
    Marshall MML Municipal-Ryan Field
    Marshall MHL Memorial Municipal
    Marshall ASL Harrison County
    Marshalltown MIW Municipal
    Marshfield MFI Municipal
    Martinsburg AOO Martinsburg
    Martinsburg MRB Eastern Wv Regional Airport/Shepherd Field
    Marysville BAB Beale AFB
    Marysville MYV Yuba County
    Mason City MCW Mason City
    Massena MSS Richards Field
    Matagorda Island MGI Matagorda AFB
    Mattoon MTO Coles County Memorial
    Maxton MXE Maxton
    Miami MIA Miami International Airport
    Miami OPF Opa Locka
    Miami MPB SPB
    Miami TMB Tamiami
    Michigan City MGC Michigan City Arpt
    Middleton Island MDO Intermediate
    Middletown, Ohio MWO Hook Field
    Midland MAF Odessa Regional
    Midland MDD Airpark
    Miles City MLS Municipal
    Milford MLF Milford
    Minneapolis MIC Crystal
    Minneapolis JDT Downtown Heliport
    Minneapolis FCM Flying Cloud
    Minneapolis MSP Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl
    Minocqua ARV Noble F. Lee
    New Iberia LFT Lafayette Regional
    New Iberia ARA Acadiana Regional
    New Koliganek KGK New Koliganek
    New London GON New London
    New Orleans NEW Lakefront
    New Orleans NBG NAS/Alvin Callendar
    New Orleans MSY Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
    New Philadelphia PHD Harry Clever
    New Richmond RNH Municipal
    New Stuyahok KNW New Stuyahok
    New Ulm ULM New Ulm
    New York NES East 34th St Landing
    New York JRA West 30th St Heliport
    New York NWS Pier 11/Wall St. SPB
    New York QNY Marine Air Terminal
    New York LGA La Guardia
    New York JFK John F Kennedy Intl
    New York JRE East 60th Street H/P
    New York WTC World Trade Center
    New York TSS East 34th St Heliport
    New York JRB Downtown Manhattan H/P
    New York NBP Battery Pk City/N. Cov
    New York FLU Flushing
    Newark EWR Newark Liberty International
    Newark ZME Metropark Rail
    Newark ZRP Pennsylvania Railroad Station
    Newburgh SWF Stewart
    Newcastle ECS Mondell
    Oakland JCE Convention Center H/P
    Oakland OBT Oakland/Coliseum Stat
    Oakland OAK Metropolitan Oak Intl
    Oaktown OTN Green
    Ocala OCF Taylor Field
    Oklahoma City TIK Tinker AFB
    Oklahoma City PWA Wiley Post
    Oklahoma City OKC Will Rogers World
    Oklahoma City DWN Downtown Airpark
    Okmulgee OKM Okmulgee
    Old Harbor OLH Old Harbor SPB
    Old Town OLD Old Town
    Olean OLE Municipal
    Olga Bay KOY Olga Bay SPB
    Olive Branch OLV Olive Branch Arpt
    Olney ONY Olney
    Portland PDX Portland International
    Portsmouth, NH PSM Pease International Tradeport
    Portsmouth, OH PMH Greater Portsmouth Regional
    Sacramento SAC Executive
    Sacramento MHR Mather AFB
    Sacramento MCC Mcclellan AFB
    Sacramento SMF Sacramento International
    Sacramento SCK Stockton
    Safford SAD Safford
    Saginaw MBS Tri City
    Saginaw Bay SGW Saginaw Bay
    Sagwon SAG Sagwon
    Saint Cloud STC Municipal
    Saint Cloud JSK Municipal Heliport
    Saint George SGU Municipal
    Saint Marys KSM Saint Marys
    Saint Paul Island SNP Saint Paul Island
    Salem SLO Leckrone
    Salem SLE Mcnary Field
    Salida SLT Salida
    Salina SBO Salina
    Salina SLN Salina
    Salinas SNS Salinas
    Salisbury SRW Rowan County
    Salisbury-Ocean City SBY Wicomico Regional
    Salmon SMN Salmon
    Salt Lake City SLC Salt Lake City International
    Salton City SAS Salton City
    San Angelo GOF Goodfellow AFB
    San Angelo SJT Mathis Fld
    San Antonio RND Randolph AFB
    San Antonio SSF Stinson Municipal
    San Antonio MDA Martindale AAF
    San Antonio SKF Kelly AFB
    San Antonio SAT San Antonio International
    San Bernardino SBD Norton Afb
    San Bernardino SBT Tri-City
    San Carlos SQL San Carlos
    San Diego SDM Brown Field Municipal
    San Diego CLD Carlsbad
    San Diego SEE Gillespie Field
    San Diego SAN Lindberg Fld S. Diego
    San Diego NKX Miramar MCAS
    San Diego MYF Montgomery Field
    San Diego NZY North Island Nas
    San Francisco JCC China Basin Heliport
    San Francisco EMB Embarkadero
    San Francisco SFO San Francisco International
    San Jose SJC Mineta San Jose International Airport
    San Jose RHV Reid-hillview
    San Juan WSJ San Juan SPB
    Sarasota SRQ Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport
    Seattle SEA Seattle/tacoma International
    Seattle BFI Boeing Fld Intl
    Seattle LKE Lake Union SPB
    Sebring SEF Air Terminal
    Sedalia DMO Sedalia
    Waikoloa WKL Waikoloa Airport
    Waimanalo BLW Bellows Field
    Wainwright AIN Wainwright
    Waldron Island WDN Waldron Island
    Wales WAA Wales
    Walla Walla ALW Walla Walla
    Walnut Ridge ARG Walnut Ridge
    Walterboro RBW Municipal
    Washington BOF Bolling AFB
    Washington WSG County
    Washington OCW Warren Field
    Washington BZS Buzzards Pt S
    Washington ZRZ New Carrolton RR
    Washington JPN Pentagon Army
    Washington DC DCA Ronald Reagan National
    Washington Dc ZWU Railway - Union Station
    Wharton WHT Wharton
    Wheatland EAN Phifer Field
    Wheeling HLG Ohio County
    White Mountain WMO White Mountain
    White Plains, NY HPN Westchester County
    White River LEB White River
    White River WTR White River
    White Sands WSD Condron AAF
    White Sulphur Springs SSU Greenbrier
    Whitefield HIE Regional
    Whitehouse NEN Olf Usn
    Whitesburg BRG Municipal
    Wilmington ZWI Wilmington Rail
    Wilmington ILM New Hanover County
    Wilmington ILN Clinton Field
    Winchester WGO Municipal
    Winder WDR Winder
    Windsor Locks BDL Bradley International
    Winfield WLD Arkansas City
    Wink INK Wink
    Winnemucca WMC Winnemucca
    Winona ONA Municipal
    Winslow INW Winslow
    Winston Salem INT Smith-Reynolds
    Winter Haven GIF Gilbert Field
    Winter Park QWP Van Service
    Youngstown YNG Youngstown
    Yreka RKC Yreka
    Yucca Flat UCC Yucca Flat
    Yuma YUM International
    Yuma LGF Laguna AAF
    Zachar Bay KZB Zachar Bay SPB
    Zanesville ZZV Zanesville
    Zephyrhills ZPH Zephyrhills
    Zwara WAX Zwara

We are here for you to deliver your Turkey-USA air cargo to your relatives and business partners in the most appropriate way.

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