Turkey Cargo

Turkey Cargo

Turkey Air Cargo

No matter where you are, send your cargo easily to Turkey with Turkey cargo service.

In line with development of transport roads and vehicles, it is now easier to reach countries. Especially with airway, it is possible to connect with almost all countries. This positive development increased export and import activities. Firms can make high endorsement transports with Turkey cargo service. Similar positive effects are valid for individuals: In this past, individuals were unable to send cargo to some places on earth or they were forced to choose road and sea routes. These transportation methods had negative effects like cargo loss, missing cargo, and cargo damages. With air cargo, cargo transfer is easier and smoother.

Our firm is the first choice of both individuals and firms. We combine speed and safety of air cargo transport with Turkey cargo service.

Turkey Air Cargo Service

  • Definition of Cargo Transport Is Changing with Turkey Cargo Service

    Turkey cargo transport has replaced more common road and sea transport and has various advantages compared to these methods. Transporting Turkey cargo with planes as well as with our firm has great benefits.

    Advantages of Turkey cargo service:

    Airway vehicles are faster than road and sea vehicles. Using planes for Turkey cargo service decreases transport time and enables the cargo to be delivered to recipients without losing time, and without damaging the content. Additionally, under our Turkey cargo, your cargo is carried in related compartments of planes and stacked according to cargo content to prevent damages. Also, cargo that cannot be carried with other methods due to quality and quantity (funerals, pets, valuable goods etc.) can securely be carried with Turkey cargo service which is another advantage.

    Advantages of our firm:

    When you use Turkey cargo services of our firm enables you to benefit from additional advantages. Among these advantages, there is no barrier to delay your cargo transport process, we deliver your Turkey cargo as we receive them from you, we make detailed planning to take all precautions against all problems, we monitor your cargo with our experienced team, we deliver your cargo between airports or from door to door, we offer highest quality Turkey cargo service with affordable prices and 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Special to Traders Sample Transfer to/from Turkey

    If you are a foreign trade firm or you are starting this business, Turkey cargo service will be monthly routine part of your business. Sending your sample to/from Turkey to anywhere on the world means your potential as a firm will increase. All you need to do is contact our firm to use sample transport to/from Turkey service.
  • Anything That Can Fit to A Package: Package Transfer to/from Turkey

    Another important part of our Turkey cargo is package transfer to/from Turkey. You can send your cargo with different qualities and quantities with our Turkey cargo service in reliable way. You can send perishable food, valuable goods, sensitive products, or any other thing you like! If you want to use our package transfer to/from Turkey service and learn more about packaging, we are waiting you at the other end of the phone with our Turkey cargo service.
  • For Speedy Exporters: Product Transfer to/from Turkey

    If you are exporting what you manufacture, on-time and smooth delivery is extremely important for your reputation. You can contact our firm that offers Turkey cargo service to transfer your machinery and machinery parts, textile products, chemicals, food products and more with product transfer to/from Turkey.
  • If You Are Far From Your Loved Ones: Gift Transfer to/from Turkey

    Turkey cargo service is commonly preferred by individuals and firms that want gift transfer to/from Turkey. If you can't be there with your loved ones in their special days or if you want to make a gesture to your foreign business partners, you can use our Turkey cargo service to delivery your special cargo on-time.
  • Show That You Care Your Children: Parcel Transfer to/from Turkey

    If your child is studying in another country, you can send personal belongings and other goods with Turkey cargo service. You can send book, cloths, home appliances, or sport equipment with parcel transfer to/from Turkey and send your child's belonging without additional burden.
  • Send Your Invoice: Document Transfer to/from Turkey

    If you need to send invoice or any other documents to your branch in Turkey or from Turkey, you can guarantee safety of this documents with Turkey cargo service. To avoid missing cargo, damages, and extended delivery time problems, you can forward your document transfer to/from Turkey demand to our firm that offers Turkey cargo service.
  • Long, Heavy, Large: Machinery Transfer to/from Turkey

    Machinery transfer to/from Turkey is possible with Turkey cargo service. All you need to do is inform us about size, weight, and width of machinery you want to send as a business or an individual to use our Turkey cargo service. Your machinery will safely be delivered.
  • Keep Your Furniture While Moving: Furniture Transfer to/from Turkey

    If you are leaving Turkey or if you are moving to Turkey, you can take all your valuable furniture with Turkey cargo service. With furniture transfer to/from Turkey, you no longer need to sell your furniture or look for a storage. You can carry all types of furniture with our Turkey cargo service.
  • Micro Export with Turkey Cargo Service

    As you know, businesses and firms that want to create reputable and strong brand can only reach these desired by globally expanding. These firms focus on delivering their goods globally in a fast and secure way and use Turkey cargo service for micro export.

    To count as "micro export" under Turkey cargo service, these goods should weight below 150 and cost below 7,500 Euro. You will also need Electronic Trade Customs Declaration (ETCD) prepared by our firm that offers complete Turkey cargo service. We would like to remind you that this document cannot be prepared by customs brokers.

    While forwarding your Turkey cargo service demand, you also need to share your Micro Export Transport Information Form, Indirect Representation Authorisation Document, English invoice compliant with Turkish invoice, and Treasury approved invoice with us for micro export operations. We would be happy to be your biggest supported with our Turkey cargo services during your micro export process. *
  • Turkey Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Adana ADA Adana
    Adana UAB Adana-Incirlik Airbase
    Adiyaman ADF Adiyaman
    Afyon AFY Afyon
    Agri AJI AÄŸri
    Ankara ESB Esenboga
    Ankara ANK Etimesgut
    Antalya AYT Antalya
    Balikesir MQJ Merkez
    Balikesir BZI Balikesir
    Bandirma BDM Bandirma
    Batman BAL Batman
    Bodrum BXN Imsik Airport
    Bodrum. BJV Milas Airport
    Bursa BTZ Bursa Airport
    Bursa YEI Yenisehir
    Canakkale CKZ Canakkale
    Dalaman DLM Dalaman
    Denizli DNZ Cardak
    Diyarbakir DIY Diyarbakir
    Edremit/Korfez EDO Edremit/korfez
    Elazig EZS Elazig
    Erzincan ERC Erzincan
    Erzurum ERZ Erzurum
    Eskisehir ESK Eskisehir
    Eskisehir AOE Anadolu University
    Gaziantep GZT Gaziantep
    Isparta ISE Isparta
    Istanbul IST Ataturk
    Istanbul SAW Sabiha Gokcen
    Izmir IGL Cigli Military Arpt
    Izmir ADB Adnan Menderes
    Kahramanmaras KCM Kahramanmaras
    Kars KSY Kars
    Kastamonu KFS Kastamonu
    Kayseri ASR Erkilet International Airport
    Kocaeli KCO Cengiz Topel
    Konya KYA Konya
    Malatya MLX Malatya
    Mardin MQM Mardin
    Merzifon MZH Merzifon
    Mus MSR Mus
    Nevsehir NAV Nevsehir
    Samsun SSX Samsun
    Samsun SZF Carsamba
    Sanliurfa SFQ Sanliurfa
    Siirt SXZ Siirt
    Sinop SQD Sinop
    Sinop SIC Sinop Airport
    Sivas VAS Sivas
    Tekirdag TEQ Corlu
    Tokat TJK Tokat
    Trabzon TZX Trabzon
    Usak USQ Usak
    Van VAN Van
    Zonguldak ONQ Zonguldak

We are here with you to offer fast and reliable air transfer with our Turkey cargo service to meet all your transport needs.

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