Sudan Cargo

Sudan Cargo

Turkey-Sudan Cargo

Turkey-Sudan cargo service is an air transport service to transfer cargo from Turkey to Sudan and from Sudan to Turkey.

Our firm that offers Turkey-Sudan cargo service for long years organises all cargo transfer in detailed manner and completes this process to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Turkey-Sudan Air Cargo Service

  • Using Our Firm for Turkey-Sudan Air Cargo Service

    Most distinctive property of our firm that operates in aviation sector and offers a wide range of service including Turkey-Sudan cargo service is fast and high-quality service. In our Turkey-Sudan cargo service, our firm offers minimum price advantage as well as maximum trust. Accordingly, customers who enjoy on-time, damage-free delivery to destination chooses our firm for Turkey-Sudan cargo in all individual and corporate transfers.

    First step to benefit from Turkey-Sudan cargo service is to contact us and if you want delivery between airports rather than addresses, send your cargo to us with domestic cargo firms. All remaining details is our job.
  • Special Rules for Turkey-Sudan Cargo Service

    All cargo that will be transferred under Turkey-Sudan cargo service are classified and processed according to designated group From packing to stacking, all details are determined based on quality and quantity of Turkey-Sudan cargo. With this detailed work, cargo safety is ensured and problem-free transfer is offered. Necessary rules you need to comply as sender will be provided to you when you contact our firm for Turkey-Sudan cargo service. You can be sure that our firm will complete all tasks and transfer your cargo in problem-free way!
  • Materials That Can Be Send by Turkey-Sudan Cargo

    With Turkey-Sudan cargo service, it is possible to transfer goods in different categories such as perishable goods (fruits, vegetables, fist, flowers etc.), electronic devices, newspapers, magazines, samples, machinery and machinery parts, documents and papers.

    Your sensitive cargo that can get damaged during transport is transferred in damage-free way with Turkey-Sudan cargo. Commercial products and export products are delivered to recipient in fast way. Regardless of properties, by using our Turkey-Sudan cargo service, you will have the chance to deliver your cargo in problem-free way.

    Turkey-Sudan cargo enables transfer of valuable, dangerous, sensitive cargo and you can safely transfer your pets and funerals. You need to provide complete information about your Turkey-Sudan cargo. For example, you need share sensitive and fragile cargo information with us. On the other hand, you can get support on how to pack your cargo.
  • Document Transfer With Turkey-Sudan Cargo

    When you use Turkey-Sudan cargo service to send documents, your business will accelerate. On-time delivery of corporate correspondence, bidding files, invoices, bill of lading, invitations will strengthen your corporate relationship! Advantages of Turkey-Sudan cargo are not limited with these: All urgent cargo that might cause financial or spiritual loss are delivered in fast and reliable way. Accordingly, you can send your samples in fast way to accelerate relationships with new firm in Turkey/in Sudan and you can protect your commercial reputation with on-time delivery.
  • Sudan

    Sudan has the 3rd largest surface area in Africa. Capital city of Sudan is Hamtur. In addition to capital Hamtur, other important cities are Atbara, El Gadarif, El Obeid, Kassala, Kosti, Nyala, Omdurman, Port Sudan, Vad Medeni and Wau. Official and educational language of the country is Arabic. Majority of the population can speak Arabic but some people have different native language. Fur, Nuban, Nubian, Ingessana, Beja languages are common. 90% of the public is Muslim while others are Coptic, Orthodox and Animist. Muslims are divided into Sunni, Shaffii and Maliki. Arabic Bazaar and bridges over the Nile must be visited. Additionally, Kebir Mosque, Sudan Ethnography Museum, El Khalifa Museum, Presidency Palace and Sudan National Museum are among must-see historical places.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Sudan

    Turkey was among the first countries that recognised Sudan that gained independence on 01 January 1956. Ankara Embassy of Sudan was opened on 14 September 2009. Political relations between Turkey and Sudan are at high level and there is intense cooperation at international organisation and platform level. Sudan is one of the top countries that Turkey has comprehensive relationship and cooperation. Mutual high level visits are organised between Turkey and Sudan. Both countries signed different agreements on agriculture, health, safety and education.
  • Privileges of Turkey-Sudan Air Cargo Service

    There are various reasons to choose Turkey-Sudan cargo. Most importantly, safe cargo delivery, sensitive cargo loading and stacking and faster delivery compared to other transport alternatives play an important role. By using Turkey-Sudan air cargo service, this and many other advantages can be obtained and problem-free cargo transfer can be experienced.
  • Sudan Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Ad-Dabbah AAD Ad-Dabbah
    Atbara ATB Atbara
    Dinder DNX Galegu
    Dongola DOG Dongola
    El Fasher ELF El Fasher
    El Obeid EBD El Obeid
    Eldebba EDB Eldebba
    En Nahud NUD En Nahud
    Gedaref GSU Gedaref
    Geneina EGN Geneina
    Higlieg HGI Higlieg
    Juba JUB Juba
    Kassala KSL Kassala
    Khartoum KRT Civil
    Khashm El Girba GBU Khashm El Girba
    Kosti KST Kosti
    Malakal MAK Malakal
    Merowe MWE Merowe
    New Halfa NHF New Halfa
    Nyala UYL Nyala
    Port Sudan PZU Port Sudan
    Roseires RSS Roseires
    Wad Medani DNI Wad Medani
    Wadi Halfa WHF Wadi Halfa
    Wau WUU Wau

All you need to do is to contact our firm and share necessary information to transfer your Turkey-Sudan cargo.

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