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Poland Cargo

Turkey-Poland Cargo

Our firm is there for you any time you want for your Turkey-Poland cargo transfer needs!

Poland and Turkey have extremely important commercial and cultural activities. This rapidly increases the need for Turkey-Poland cargo.

Developments in technology and communication network offers entrepreneurs to be globally known. A local product that is produced at the remote corner of the world can easily be purchased by a customer around the world. Products are transferred with air cargo in fast way. Fast and reliable service is the main principle of our firm that acts as the door opening to world. Under this scope, by using our Turkey-Poland cargo service offered with air cargo transport, you can send your cargo to Turkey/to Poland in fast and safe way and expand your business.

Turkey-Poland Air Cargo Service

  • Fastest, Most Reliable Transport with Turkey-Poland Air cargo Service

    While sending products from Turkey to Poland and from Poland to Turkey, air cargo is preferred due to speed and safety criteria. Cargo transport by sea/road is behind air cargo in terms of safety and speed. Cargo that will be send by sea or road will be transferred between ports or stops and this will increase cargo damage risk. Since our Turkey-Poland cargo service uses airway vehicles during transfer, this service answers to safety and speed needs.

    Under our Turkey-Poland cargo service, we can transfer your cargo with different content, size and weight between addresses and between airports in fast and practical way. Our long commercial relationship with airline companies and airport managements makes our firm unrivalled in Turkey-Poland cargo transfer.
  • Poland

    Poland declared Republic regime in 1918 and has become a member of European Union in 2004. Poland is the sixth largest economy of Europe and economy is based on coal-based industry and energy production. In addition to being a member of European Union, well-educated population of Poland is one of the advantages in economic arena. Machinery, machinery spare parts, automotive manufacturing are main activities.

    Poland has large agricultural fields, agriculture and fishing is mainly domestic market activities therefore agricultural exportation is limited. Poland imports certain agricultural products and there is a close relationship with Turkish producers. Our firm as Turkey-Poland cargo service provider is glad to be part of this commercial relationship.

    Capital Warsaw with historical and cultural values has unique opportunities for culture and nature tourism lovers. Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznan are other cities with unique properties.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Poland

    Start of strong connection between Poland and Turkey dates back to mid-1800s. Polish people who were forced to leave their country under invasion have settled to forest area in Beykoz region of İstanbul and started to live in a village called Polenezköy. Most of the Polish population returned to their country after Poland gained independence, however, some remained in Polenezköy. This relationship that lasted for 250 years caused many Polish families in İstanbul to establish strong bonds. Our firm that offers Turkey-Poland cargo service feels responsible to sustain this historical connection and carefully delivers Turkey-Poland cargo.

    Commercial relationship between Poland and Turkey are based on textile, automotive and machinery industry. Commercial volume that reached 5.5 billion Euro has turned Turkey-Poland cargo service critical for companies. 250 Turkish firms in Poland increases the demand for Turkey-Poland cargo transfers. Our firm that offers Turkey-Poland cargo service operates to organise this high demand.

    Touristic visits between Poland and Turkey consolidates existing mutual relationships. This naturally increases demand for individual Turkey-Poland cargo service.
  • We Are Proud to Deliver Your Turkey-Poland Cargo

    Our firm is a well-established and innovation-oriented firm that offers Turkey-Poland cargo service. We know the value of production and sharing this production and we are proud to be a part of this process. We transfer all types of cargo from small envelops to large boxes with great effort and care. We see your Turkey-Poland cargo as economic and cultural values regardless of their content and we are working hard to offer reliable, fast and affordable service.

    International trade volume of Turkey is rapidly developing and enables international social relations to evolve. With high number of student exchange programs to Poland, friendships between youth of these countries are increasing. We know that we are a part of this warm relationship when we offer Turkey-Poland cargo service.
  • Safe Turkey-Poland Cargo Transport Compliant with Procedures

    With Turkey-Poland cargo service, we have delivered dangerous goods, food products, valuable goods based on special procedures for each cargo. All you need to do is contact us and share address information for your Turkey-Poland cargo transfer to safely deliver your goods. Our expert team that knows every detail of Turkey-Poland cargo procedure will prevent possible problems and safely deliver your cargo to destination.
  • Turkey-Poland Air Cargo Service

    Our Turkey-Poland cargo service is conducted with the responsibility of friendly relationship between two countries that lasted for more than 600 years. Air cargo is the only way to offer speed and reliability to match this relationship. By using Turkey-Poland cargo service, you can send cargo from any city of Turkey to any city of Poland and on opposite direction as well.
  • Poland Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Bydgoszcz BZG Bydgoszcz I. J. Paderewski Airport
    Czestochowa CZW Czestochowa
    Gdansk GDN Rebiechowo
    Katowice KTW Pyrzowice
    Koszalin OSZ Koszalin
    Krakow KRK J. Paul Ii Balice Intl
    Lodz LCJ Lodz Lublinek
    Poznan POZ Lawica
    Rzeszow RZE Jasionka
    Slupsk OSP Redzikowo
    Szczecin SZZ Goleniow
    Szymany SZY Mazury
    Warsaw WAW Frederic Chopin
    Wroclaw WRO Copernicus Airport
    Zielona Gora IEG Babimost

We are at your service with our experienced personnel and international connections to deliver your Turkey-Poland cargo to recipients.

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