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Niger Cargo

Turkey-Niger Cargo

With our Turkey-Niger cargo service, our firm transfer your cargo between Turkey and Niger in safe and fast way.

Our experienced firm that offers stable and reliable abroad air cargo service since the day of establishment continues to make a difference with Turkey-Niger cargo service. Our competent personnel closely follows Turkey-Niger cargo process and we believe it is our responsibility to provide high quality service to our customers. In addition to that, our affordable solutions will make individuals and institutions satisfied with our Turkey-Niger cargo service and we undertake safe cargo delivery without any cargo loss or damage.

Turkey-Niger Cargo Service

  • Which Turkey-Niger Cargo Can Be Transferred?

    When you demand our Turkey-Niger cargo services, you can send any type of cargo. For example, you can send documents, machinery, food products and even dangerous materials. There are certain procedures for each type of cargo, but the most important thing our customers should know that Turkey-Niger air cargo offers transfer of different types of cargo that cannot be transferred by road or sea. You can also transfer your pets and funerals in fast and reliable way with our Turkey-Niger air cargo service.

    Since different procedures are needed depending on quality and quantity (number of cargo, weight, dangerous, length etc.) in Turkey-Niger cargo transfer process, you need to share properties of your cargo to benefit from Turkey-Niger cargo service.
  • Greatest Advantages of Turkey-Niger Air Cargo

    We are offering faster and more reliable cargo transfer with Turkey-Niger cargo services compared to road transfer.

    Risk factors in road and sea transfer are minimised in air cargo transfer. Therefore, we are delivering cargo with Turkey-Niger air cargo service to protect your cargo and wallets as well. Another advantage of offering Turkey-Niger cargo service with air cargo is shorter journey compared to road transfer which enables us to deliver in short time. For example, carrying goods between Asia and Africa may takes days by road but you can decrease this time to 6 hours with air cargo.

    You can experience the advantages of air cargo by using our Turkey-Niger air cargo service.
  • Niger

    Officially known as Republic of Niger, Niger is an African country without coastline. This country is mainly covered with desserts and neighbours are Chad, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali. In addition to capital Niamey, other important cities are Tahoua, Agadez, Gaya, Doso, Maradi and Zinder. Niger is the 4th largest uranium manufacturer and export items contain mines (uranium, gold and petroleum).
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Niger

    Relationship between Turkey and Niger dates back to 1966, although these relationships were underdeveloped, Africa policies of Turkey had positive effects. Turkey opened Niamey Embassy in 2012 and 2 years later, opened honorary consulate in Agadez Region. In addition to these developments, mutual agreements are signed and Turkey provided various development investments to Niger. Mutual trade volume between Turkey and Niger was 34.3 million dollar by November 2017.
  • Safe Transport with Turkey-Niger Air Cargo Service

    Our firm is extremely careful in terms of operational efficiency and offers Turkey-Niger cargo service to deliver your cargo from Turkey to Niger and from Niger to Turkey in fast and safe way. Additionally, another important advantage of Turkey-Niger cargo service is affordable prices. This is clearly seen when the prices are compared with the service. Safe transportation that is an important problem of the current environment is where customers have high expectations. Customers expect damage-free cargo delivery. Our competent and experienced personnel provides this trust in our Turkey-Niger air cargo service and we guarantee damage-free and safe delivery to recipient.

    You can contact our firm when you need Turkey-Niger cargo service.
  • Careful Operations in Our Turkey-Niger Cargo Service

    Priority of our experienced firm in Turkey-Niger cargo service is customer satisfaction. With our welcoming, careful and sensitive personnel, it is extremely important for us to provide our Turkey-Niger cargo service in detailed manner. Our main principle is to work with an effective team and in focused manner. We believe that the way to success is about careful, sensitive and detailed work.
  • Affordable Turkey-Niger Cargo Service

    In our Turkey-Niger cargo service, our aims is to offer faster and safe cargo transfer to Niger/to Turkey compared to road or sea routes. Road transfer between Niger-Turkey takes 4 days 12 hours on average and this duration can increase. However, it is possible to complete this journey in 6 hours by plane. This way when we compare two methods by considering fuel costs, driver and pilot costs, it is clear that air cargo is more affordable. However, there is no fixed fee due to different factors in Turkey-Niger air cargo service. These factors increase departure and arrival airport, number of pieces, size, content, address or airport delivery. But you should know that our firm always prepares most affordable price offers.
  • Niger Airports

    City Airport Code  Airport
    Agades AJY Agades
    Arlit RLT Arlit
    Birni Nkoni BKN Birni Nkoni
    Maradi MFQ Maradi
    Niamey NIM Niamey
    Tahoua THZ Tahoua
    Zinder ZND Zinder

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