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Malaysia Cargo

Turkey-Malaysia Cargo

Our firm that offers air cargo transfer is there for you for 365 days with Turkey-Malaysia cargo service.

Our experience in cargo transfer as well as our customer satisfaction oriented reliable service policy is the main indicator of the quality of your Turkey-Malaysia cargo service. In this sense, we keep utmost security for Turkey-Malaysia cargo you delivered to us and deliver this cargo to recipient without any loss or damage. We guarantee customer satisfaction not only with cargo safety but also our affordable Turkey-Malaysia cargo service.

Our firm guaranties unique cargo transfer experience to all individual and corporate customers who wants to send cargo from Turkey to Malaysia and from Malaysia to Turkey.

Turkey-Malaysia Air Cargo Service

  • Safe Turkey-Malaysia Cargo Delivery to Recipient

    Since airway journey is safer and completed in shorter times, in addition to individuals businesses are also preferring airway transfer. At this point, for cargo transfers planned from Turkey to Malaysia/from Malaysia to Turkey, we are offering Turkey-Malaysia cargo service and enable everyone to benefit from advantages of air cargo.

    Our Turkey-Malaysia cargo service attracts attention of individuals as well as exporting firms to Malaysia/to Turkey. Main reason for this interest is reliable, quality and affordable service. Our firm that aims to deliver cargo to recipient without any problem and in quality way works to prevent cargo damage and cargo loss in Turkey-Malaysia air cargo service.
  • Safety Difference of Turkey-Malaysia Air Cargo Service

    With Turkey-Malaysia cargo service, we are ending "will my cargo safely be delivered" doubts of everyone who wants to transfer their cargo with different qualities and quantities. Our firm tries to keep customer satisfaction at highest level and shows the quality of transfer services to other countries in Turkey-Malaysia cargo as well.

    We are receiving your Turkey-Malaysia cargo and we ae delivering to recipient as you give to us. In other words, when you use our Turkey-Malaysia air cargo service, we guarantee that there will be no cargo mixing, cargo loss or delivery problems.

    Additional advantage is that we offer cargo transfer with air vehicles. Air vehicles offer safer storage and transfer opportunities compared to sea and road vehicles.
  • We Are Transferring Happiness With Turkey-Malaysia Cargo Service

    Our firm not only carries commercial goods with Turkey-Malaysia cargo service but also the happiness of individuals who have relatives and loved ones in Malaysia/in Turkey.

    You can send your gift packs to any point in Malaysia or in Turkey with Turkey-Malaysia cargo service and you can increase the happiness of your loves ones and friends. Under our Turkey-Malaysia cargo service, we are working hard to deliver your gifts to your loved ones in the shortest time possible.

    By using Turkey-Malaysia air cargo service, you can guarantee on-time and safe delivery of valuable, sensitive or special cargo to your loved ones.
  • Malaysia

    Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has been home to Spice Road and therefore, this country has different ethnic groups and became a multi-cultural land. Malaysia has more than 18,000 islands, 13 states and 3 federal regions. Capital city is Kuala Kumpur. Other important cities are George Town, İpoh, Kuehing, Kota Kinabalu and Sibu.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Malaysia

    There is a wide and close relationship between Turkey and Malaysia. Cultural bonds between these two countries are strong. Approximately 600 Turkish citizens live in Malaysia and approximately 300 Malaysia citizens live in Turkey. Additionally, 130 Malaysia students are benefiting from scholarships in Turkey. Two countries work together on different platforms (D-8, UN etc.). Turkey imports palm oil, rubber, coconut, synthetic fibre and electronic circuits from Malaysia and esports mineral oils, food products, land vehicles, iron-steel, boron, borates to Malaysia.
  • Things That Can Be Send with Turkey-Malaysia Cargo and Pricing

    All types of cargo are transferred under Turkey-Malaysia cargo service: Personal belongings, exported goods, machinery or long/heavy vehicles can be given as examples. Dangerous, sensitive or valuable Turkey-Malaysia cargo can also be transferred via air cargo. Additionally, pets and funerals can be send with Turkey-Malaysia air cargo service.

    Service price for cargo transfer depends on the distance between regions. Also, destinations, number of parcels, size and content changes the pricing.
  • Door to Door Turkey-Malaysia Air Cargo Service

    When you choose air cargo which is the easiest way to send cargo from Turkey to Malaysia and from Malaysia to Turkey, you can choose one of the different delivery options. In other words, you can send your Turkey-Malaysia cargo between airports, from airport to address, door to door or from address to airport. When you do not choose door to door delivery, you need to send your cargo to us with domestic cargo companies. When we receive your cargo, we will start the operations and transfer your cargo to airline company without losing time. After a safe travel, your cargo in Malaysia/Turkey airport will be delivered to recipient by us! All you have to do is to choose the service you want, we will deal with the rest!
  • Malaysia Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Alor Setar AOR Alor Setar
    Bakalalan BKM Bakalalan
    Bario BBN Bario
    Belaga BLG Belaga
    Bintulu BTU Bintulu
    Bintulu ZMK Bintulu Port
    Butterworth BWH Butterworth
    Genting GTB Genting
    Ipoh IPH Ipoh - Sultan Azlan Shah Airport
    Johor Bahru JHB Sultan Ismail Intl
    Kapit KPI Kapit
    Keningau KGU Keningau
    Kerteh KTE Kerteh
    Kota Bharu KBR Pengkalan Chepa
    Kota Kinabalu BKI Kota Kinabalu
    Kota Kinabalu ZWR Kota Kinabalu Port
    Kuala Lumpur KUL Kuala Lumpur International Airport (klia)
    Kuala Lumpur SZB Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah
    Kuala Terengganu TGG Sultan Mahmood
    Kuantan KUA Kuantan
    Kuantan ZJB Kuantan Port
    Kuching KCH Kuching
    Kuching ZGY Kuching Port
    Kudat KUD Kudat
    Labuan LBU Labuan
    Lahad Datu LDU Lahad Datu
    Langkawi LGK Langakawi Intl
    Lawas LWY Lawas
    Limbang LMN Limbang
    Long Akah LKH Long Akah
    Long Banga LBP Long Banga Airfield
    Long Lama LLM Long Lama
    Long Lellang LGL Long Lellang
    Long Pasia GSA Long Pasia
    Long Semado LSM Lawas
    Long Seridan ODN Long Seridan
    Long Sukang LSU Long Sukang
    Malacca MKZ Batu Berendam
    Marudi MUR Marudi
    Mersing MEP Mersing
    Miri MYY Miri
    Mostyn MZS Mostyn
    Mukah MKM Mukah
    Mulu MZV Mulu
    Pamol PAY Pamol
    Pangkor PKG Pangkor Airport
    Pasir Gudang ZLW Pasir Gudang Port
    Penang PEN Penang International
    Penang ZJR Penang Port
    Port Klang XPQ Ferry
    Pulau Layang-Layang Is LAC Layang-Layang Airstrip
    Ranau RNU Ranau
    Redang RDN LTS Pulau Redang
    Sahabat 16 SXS Sahabat 16
    Sandakan SDK Sandakan
    Sematan BSE Sematan
    Semporna SMM Semporna
    Sepulot SPE Sepulot
    Sibu SBW Sibu
    Simanggang SGG Simanggang
    Sipitang SPT Sipitang
    Sitiawan SWY Sitiawan
    Sungei Tekai GTK Sungei Tekai
    Taiping TPG Taiping
    Taman Negara SXT Taman Negara
    Tanjung Pelepas ZJT Tanjung Pelepas Port
    Tawau TWU Tawau
    Telupid TEL Telupid
    Tioman TOD Tioman
    Tomanggong TMG Tomanggong

Benefit from Turkey-Malaysia air cargo service and experience a problem-free cargo delivery!

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