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Turkey-Japan Air Cargo

In rapidly developing world, we are offering Turkey-Japan air cargo service to deliver your cargo to destination in fastest way possible.

International competition that increases in line with technological developments also increased the demand for air cargo transport. Our firm meets the cargo needs of exporting firms and institutions as well as individual customers with Turkey-Japan air cargo services. Our firm that offers Turkey-Japan air cargo service offers support from first step to last step of cargo transport service with extensive knowledge in this sector.

This position of our firm is linked with our long quality and smooth cargo transport service. You can ask all your question about our Turkey-Japan air cargo air transport service via our contact channels for 24/7.

Turkey-Japan Cargo Service

  • Safe Transport with Turkey-Japan Air Cargo Service

    Since World War II, air transport has been a common inter-country transport vehicle with advanced structural and technological changes. Speed provided by air transport has also led development of cargo transport. Therefore, our firm prefers air cargo transport and offers Turkey-Japan air cargo service under these services. Since Turkey-Japan air cargo are delivered to delivery points in fast wat with air cargo, possibility of damage is lower compared to road or sea transport. Therefore, when you choose our Turkey-Japan air cargo service, you will choose the safest way to send cargo between Japan and Turkey.
  • Most Advantageous Way to Send Cargo Between Turkey-Japan

    Our firm that is an expert in this field reflects the experience to Turkey-Japan air cargo service and prevents all complicated process and unnecessary bureaucratic processes. Additionally, all steps are followed by our firm during transfer process and we are communicating with our valuable customers in this process. Also, by choosing Turkey-Japan air cargo service that is offered by air cargo, you can prevent problems that may occur during road or sea transport that are offered by shipment firms in Japan or Turkey. Our firm minimises all possible problems in Turkey-Japan air cargo service with air cargo and plants the process with great care.
  • How Is Turkey-Japan Air Cargo Prices Are Determined?

    In addition to exporting firms, both institutions and individuals can benefit from Turkey-Japan air cargo service where the cargo price is determined based on different parameters. Since cargo from Japan to Turkey and from Turkey to Japan have a wide product range, it is impossible to apply a standard pricing. Prices of Turkey-Japan air cargo is calculated based on cargo weight, quality, size and delivery zone as well as other properties. You need to contact our firm to determine the exact Turkey-Japan air cargo service price.
  • Which Cargo Can Be Send Between Japan-Turkey?

    Our firm meets the demands of exporting firms as well as individual customers with Turkey-Japan air cargo service. We are delivering different goods and objects including small documents, parcels with books, technology products, sport equipment, food products, large machinery and other goods to various regions in Japan and in Turkey with our Turkey-Japan air cargo air cargo transport service. Under our Turkey-Japan air cargo service, you can also benefit from dangerous and valuable cargo transport or funeral transport where different procedures are applied.
  • Japan

    As an East Asian island country, capital city is Tokyo and this country has coast with Sea of Japan and shares sea border with China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia. Japan consists of archipelago and divided into 8 geographical locations and 47 governorship as administrative zones. In addition to Tokyo, other important cities are Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama and Nagoya. Official language is Japanese and with 126 million population, this country is the tenth most crowded country around the world.

    This country has round up rapidly after devastating effects of World War II and has become third largest national economy around the world. Textile-confection and machinery-automotive products are increasing in import of this country and share of agricultural products is decreasing. Export items of Japan are machinery and automotive as well as agriculture, steel-iron, textile and food products.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Japan

    Relationship between Turkey and Japan started with shipwreck of Ertugrul Frigate on 16 September 1890 that was delivering gifts to Emperor of Japan from Sultan II. Abdelhamid. This event is still remembered with memorial ceremonies and symbolises the friendship between two countries. Japan and Turkey have showed mutual friendships in earthquake and war events.

    Turkey imports machinery, electronic goods, steel, chemical materials, vehicles, and spare parts from Turkey while exports fish, chromium, steel, carpet, chemical materials, and tobacco to Japan. You can benefit from our Turkey-Japan air cargo service for transport of these goods. Today, Japan is operating in Turkey with great projects like Marmaray project.

    Japan does not request visa from Turkish citizens (up to 90 days). This helps maintaining and/or strengthening relationship between two countries.
  • Problem Free Delivery Between Turkey-Japan Air Cargo

    There are multiple transport options to send Turkey-Japan air cargo but under current competitive environment, foreign export firms and individuals are almost forced to choose Turkey-Japan air cargo service that is offered with air cargo due to speed and reliability. Turkey-Japan air cargo service offered by our firm has various benefits in addition to smooth delivery. For example, with our Turkey-Japan air cargo service, you do not need to stock your products and eliminate high storage costs.
  • Japan Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Aguni AGJ Aguni
    Akita AXT Akita
    Amami O Shima ASJ Amami O Shima
    Aomori AOJ Aomori
    Asahikawa AKJ Asahikawa
    Atsugi NJA Atsugi NAS
    Beppu BPU Beppu
    Fukue FUJ Fukue
    Fukui FKJ Fukui
    Fukuoka FUK Fukuoka
    Fukushima FKS Fukushima Airport
    Hachijo Jima HAC Hachijo Jima
    Hachinohe HHE Hachinohe
    Hakodate HKD Hakodate
    Hanamaki HNA Hanamaki
    Hateruma HTR Hateruma
    Hiroshima HIW Hiroshima West
    Hiroshima HIJ International
    Iejima IEJ Iejima
    Iki IKI Iki
    Ishigaki ISG Ishigaki
    Iwami IWJ Iwami
    Iwo Jima Vol IWO Iwo Jima Airbase
    Izumo IZO Izumo
    Kagoshima KOJ Kagoshima
    Kerama KJP Kerama
    Kikaiga Shima KKX Kikaiga Shima
    Kita Kyushu KKJ Kita Kyushu
    Kitadaito KTD Kitadaito
    Kobe UKB Kobe
    Kochi KCZ Kochi
    Komatsu KMQ Komatsu
    Kumamoto KMJ Kumamoto
    Kumejima UEO Kumejima
    Kushimoto KUJ Kushimoto
    Kushiro KUH Kushiro
    Kyoto UKY Kansai
    Marcus Island MUS Marcus Island
    Matsumoto MMJ Matsumoto
    Matsuyama MYJ Matsuyama
    Memanbetsu MMB Memanbetsu
    Minami Daito MMD Maridor
    Misawa MSJ Misawa
    Miyake Jima MYE Miyake Jima
    Miyako Jima MMY Hirara
    Miyazaki KMI Miyazaki
    Monbetsu MBE Monbetsu
    Nagasaki NGS Nagasaki
    Nagoya NKM Komaki AFB
    Nagoya NGO Central Japan International
    Nakashibetsu SHB Nakashibetsu
    Niigata KIJ Niigata
    Niihama IHA Niihama
    Nishinoomote IIN Nishinoomote
    Obihiro OBO Obihiro
    Odate Noshiro ONJ Odate Noshiro
    Oita OIT Oita
    Okayama OKJ Okayama
    Oki Island OKI Oki Island
    Okinawa AHA Naha AFB
    Okinawa DNA Kadena AB
    Okinawa OKA Naha
    Okino Erabu OKE Okino Erabu
    Okushiri OIR Okushiri
    Omura OMJ Omura
    Osaka KIX Kansai International
    Osaka ITM Itami
    Oshima OIM Oshima
    Rail (Generic) XZJ Off line Point
    Rebun RBJ Rebun
    Rishiri RIS Rishiri
    Ryotsu Sado Is SDO Ryotsu Sado Is
    Sado Shima SDS Sado Shima
    Saga HSG Saga
    Sapporo CTS New Chitose Airport
    Sapporo OKD Okadama
    Sendai SDJ Sendai
    Shimojishima SHI Shimojishima
    Shirahama SHM Shirahama
    Shonai SYO Shonai
    Takamatsu TAK Takamatsu
    Tanegashima TNE Tanegashima
    Taramajima TRA Tarama
    Tokunoshima TKN Tokunoshima
    Tokushima TKS Tokushima
    Tokyo HND Haneda
    Tokyo NRT Narita International Airport
    Tokyo OKO Yokota AFB
    Tottori TTJ Tottori
    Toyama TOY Toyama
    Toyooka TJH Tajima
    Tsushima TSJ Tsushima
    Ube UBJ Ube
    Wajima NTQ Noto Airport
    Wakkanai WKJ Hokkaido
    Yakushima KUM Yakushima
    Yamagata GAJ Junmachi
    Yokohama YOK Yokohama
    Yonago YGJ Miho
    Yonaguni Jima OGN Yonaguni Jima
    Yoronjima RNJ Yoronjima

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