Iran Cargo

Iran Cargo

Turkey-Iran Cargo

Due to increasing Turkey-Iran relationship, we are here to meet Turkey-Iran cargo service needs!

Our firm offers innovative services based on customer needs for Turkey-Iran cargo, and we have been a reputable company in logistics sector.

Our firms shows the same sensitivity and quality in both individual and commercial cargo and we have almost perfect past in secure Turkey-Iran cargo delivery. Since our firm offers affordable Turkey-Iran cargo pricing for individual and business needs, our firm is one of the most preferred firms.

Turkey-Iran Air Cargo Services

  • Affordable Pricing in Turkey-Iran Cargo Transport

    In recent years, as trade relationship developed and social connection between two countries became stronger, both firms and individual senders send thousands of Turkey-Iran cargo to recipient. As Turkey-Iran cargo traffic becomes higher every day, to meet this increasing demand in affordable way, we are working hard. We know that senders consider speed, quality, trust as well as Turkey-Iran cargo price and we are offering the most advantageous prices without compromising our quality.
  • Turkey-Iran Air Cargo Service Guarantor

    With our extensive transport experience, our firm has a mission to safely deliver your cargo with Turkey-Iran air cargo. In this sense, our firm considers multiple factors and works hard for maximum Turkey-Iran cargo safety. Our firm is careful about on-time delivery as well as safety and it is known with successful delivery past in Turkey-Iran cargo activities.

    Additionally, our firms has the same consideration and attention to all customers including individual and business customers. In short, our discipline and working principles in Turkey-Iran cargo service is applied at all levels of the process.
  • How Is Turkey-Iran Cargo Price Determined?

    To price Turkey-Iran cargo service, we need to know number of cargo and content of this cargo. Also, delivery to airport or to address is another factor that effects Turkey-Iran cargo price. When our firm has all this information, we will search the most affordable methods and provide you an offer file in the shortest time.
  • Can You Send Food With Turkey-Iran Cargo Service?

    You can transfer all types of food with Turkey-Iran cargo service without worrying about spoiling. In cargo section of planes, in addition to food products, sensitive products, valuable goods, heavy or long machinery, and dangerous goods can be carries. Also, with our Turkey-Iran cargo service, we would like to note that you can transfer pets and funerals. Safety of your cargo is under our responsibility!
  • Individual Transport with Turkey-Iran Cargo

    In addition to developing economic relationship between Turkey and Iran, number of Iranians in Turkey and Turks in Iran are increasing. Accordingly, demand for special purpose Turkey-Iran cargo service such as "gift transport" is popular. You can easily transport your valuable goods that need special care with Turkey-Iran cargo service.
  • Relationship Between Turkey and Iran

    Relationship between Turkey and Iran is not new. Persian and Turkish people were in contact in Central Asia around current Iranian borders before Turks have arrived at Anatolia. Such that there are still millions of Azerbaijan origin Iranian citizens in Iran. This ethnic minority have no language barrier to communicate with Turkey and Azerbaijan Turks. These people are ethnically Turk and there are high number of people from Turk Republics and Turkey in Iran. Since Turkey and Iran are neighbours for more than four centuries, it is clear who the demand for Turkey-Iran cargo service is high.

    Due to commercial embargo by Western countries, Iran is working hard to have well-established trade relationship with Turkey. Turkey-Iran cargo service is not provided by many countries due to embargo. Every year, Turkey purchases millions of lira worth natural gas from Iran. On the other hand, gold, fibreboard, steel profile, and automotive spare parts are commonly transported from Turkey with Turkey-Iran cargo services. Therefore, the basis of these relationships between two countries is economic activities and social relationship between Turkey and Iran is increasing. This directly reflects to Turkey-Iran cargo demand.
  • Iran

    Iran is a Southwest Asia country with Shia sect of Islam. The country is officially governed as "Republic of Islam". Since this political regime, there are constant problems with Western countries.

    Capital Tehran with almost 9 million people has 45% of Iranian industry and the city is a commercial capital. Most of the Turkey-Iran cargo service is provided from Tehran. Other than Tehran, other large cities of the country are Mashhad, Isfahan, and Tabriz with high Turkish population. Most important export items of the country are petroleum and natural gas products.
  • Chose Turkey-Iran Air Cargo Service and Benefit From Advantages

    Turkey-Iran cargo service can also be provided by road however, Turkey-Iran air cargo service has multiple advantages. Air cargo is safe for all foreign cargo transfer in addition to Turkey-Iran cargo transfer. Compared to road and sea transport, air cargo is faster and Turkey-Iran cargo activities are commonly preferred. Turkey-Iran cargo service by planes means shorter delivery time.
  • Iran Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Abadan ABD Abadan
    Abu Musa AEU Abu Musa
    Aghajari AKW Aghajari
    Ahwaz AWZ Ahwaz
    Araak AJK Araak
    Ardabil ADU Ardabil
    Assaluyeh YEH Persian Gulf International
    Babolsar BBL Babolsar
    Bahregan IAQ Bahregan
    Bam BXR Bam
    Bandar Abbas BND Bandar Abbas
    Bandar Lengeh BDH Bandar Lengeh
    Bandar Mahshahr MRX Mahshahr
    Birjand XBJ Birjand
    Bojnord BJB Bojnord
    Bushehr BUZ Bushehr
    Chah-Bahar ZBR Chah-Bahar
    Dezful DEF Dezful
    Fasa FAZ Fasa
    Gachsaran GCH Gachsaran
    Ghazvin GZW Ghazvin
    Gheshm GSM Gheshm
    Gorgan GBT Gorgan
    Hamadan HDM Hamadan
    Havadarya HDR Havadarya
    Hesa IFH Hesa
    Ilaam IIL Ilaam
    Iran Shahr IHR Iran Shahr
    Isfahan IFN Shahid Beheshti
    Jiroft JYR Jiroft
    Kalaleh KLM Kalaleh
    Kangan KNR Jam
    Kerman KER Kerman
    Kermanshah KSH Kermanshah
    Khaneh KHA Khaneh
    Khark Island KHK Khark Island
    Khorramabad KHD Khorramabad
    Khoy KHY Khoy
    Kish Island KIH Kish Island
    Lamerd LFM Lamerd
    Lar LRR Lar A/P
    Lavan LVP Lavan
    Mashad MHD Mashad
    Nojeh NUJ Nojeh
    Now Shahr NSH Now Shahr
    Omidieh OMI Omidieh
    Parsabad PFQ Parsabad
    Rafsanjan RJN Rafsanjan
    Ramsar RZR Ramsar
    Rasht RAS Rasht
    Sabzevar AFZ Sabzevar
    Sahand ACP Sahand
    Sanandaj SDG Sanandaj
    Sarakhs CKT Sarakhs
    Sary SRY Dashte Naz
    Shahre-kord CQD Shahre-kord
    Shiraz SYZ Shiraz
    Sirjan SYJ Sirjan
    Sirri Island SXI Sirri Island
    Tabas TCX Tabas
    Tabriz TBZ Tabriz
    Tehran THR Mehrabad/Qualeh Morgeh
    Tohid TEW Tohid
    Urmieh OMH Urmieh
    Yasouj YES Yasouj
    Yazd AZD Yazd
    Zabol ACZ Zabol A/P
    Zahedan ZAH Zahedan
    Zanjan JWN Zanjan

We would be happy to transport your Turkey-Iran cargo without any risk and with high speed.

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