Colombia Cargo

Colombia Cargo

Turkey-Colombia Cargo

We are taking a key role for delivering Turkey-Colombia cargo to recipients and we are completing this process with success.

For Turkey-Colombia cargo transfer needs, there are no other options than sea and air cargo for exporting firms. When a firm exporting from Turkey to Colombia and from Colombia to Turkey chooses sea route, although price of this service is affordable, total operation process and bad weather will lead Turkey-Colombia cargo transfer process to take 35-60 days. If air cargo option is selected for Turkey-Colombia cargo transfers, this operation will approximately take 3-5 days including transfers and total duration will shorten to 1/20. As a result, firms can have faster feedback and gains. As in most of the overseas countries, air cargo is the right choice for Turkey-Colombia cargo transfer.

Turkey-Colombia Cargo Service

  • Turkey-Colombia Air Cargo Service Is Always Advantageous

    Due to geographical location of these two countries, there is no road transfer options for Turkey-Colombia cargo transfers. In Turkey-Colombia cargo operations, shipment between different harbours is possible. Most advantageous of Turkey-Colombia cargo options is air cargo which offers fast and reliable transfer. Transfers under Turkey-Colombia air cargo service enables for time savings as well as prevents deformation of cargo.
  • Colombia

    Colombia is a South American country with 48.8 million population and 1,141,748 km² surface area. This country is neighbours to Panama on northwest, Caribbean Sea on north, Venezuela and Brazil on east, Ecuador and Peru on south and Pacific Ocean on west. Capital city Bogota is one of the two largest cities (other one is Medellin). Pereira, Santa Marta and Barranquilla with different properties are other important cities of Colombia. This country is famous for coffee and based on 2016 data, this country has total of 72.88 million dollar trade volume with 31.05 million dollar export and 41.83 million dollar import. Firms that export from Turkey to Colombia demand for iron-steel products, cotton textile, automotive spare parts, equipment for furniture sector, white appliances etc. in Turkey-Colombia cargo.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Colombia

    There are no political problems between Colombia and Turkey. In March 2010, Turkey opened Bogota Embassy and Colombia opened Ankara Embassy in 2011 that accelerated relationship between two countries. Bilateral trade volume of 3rd largest economy of South America and Turkey is 1 billion 131 million dollar where 185 million 156 thousand dollar is export and 945 million and 439 thousand dollar is import. These numbers are increasing with bilateral agreements and increase the demand for Turkey-Colombia cargo service.
  • Which Goods Can Be Send Under Turkey-Colombia Cargo Service and How?

    All individuals and institutions can send textile, iron-steel products, electric products, dangerous goods, medication, funeral, machinery, pets, valuable goods with Turkey-Colombia cargo service. First step for Turkey-Colombia cargo service is to share the information about delivery airports, content, number and size of cargo and delivery option (between airports or door to door). After providing this information and approving our price offer, Turkey-Colombia cargo service process is initiated.
  • How Turkey-Colombia Air Cargo Service Prices Are Set?

    When determining Turkey-Colombia cargo service fee to meet your cargo transfer needs, we are considering information you provided after contacting our firm. Therefore, to determine Turkey-Colombia cargo transfer prices, you need to inform us about cargo content, number of cargo, packing type, packing number, weight, delivery type, and payment type. For example, if gross weight of your Turkey-Colombia cargo is 600 kg and if volume weight is 610 kg after dividing the cargo to appropriate shipment size, price is calculated from volume weight. Therefore, you should provide accurate and correct details.
  • Why Should I Choose Your Firm for Turkey-Colombia Cargo Service?

    Our firm as one of the leading firms in international transport sector provides special and detailed service for Turkey-Colombia cargo needs. Expert team of our company will contact you for professional information sharing to evaluate, plan and provide problem free service for Turkey-Colombia cargo demand. Additionally, with our cooperation with airline companies to provide quality service for Turkey-Colombia cargo needs and extensive agency network enables us to offer affordable prices. Also, we are offering fast, reliable and easily tracked Turkey-Colombia cargo transfer process.

    When you choose air cargo for Turkey-Colombia cargo transfer, you will have certain advantages like time and security and also working with our firm will hold your reputation harmless. You will also have someone to ask questions when you want to learn more about the process. We are proud to be selected continuously by our customers who worked with us.
  • Colombia Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Acandi ACD Acandi
    Acaricuara ARF Acaricuara
    Aguaclara ACL Aguaclara
    Amalfi AFI Amalfi
    Andes ADN Andes
    Apartado APO Apartado
    Apiay API Apiay
    Araracuara ACR Araracuara
    Arauca AUC Arauca
    Arauquita ARQ Arauquita
    Arboletas ARO Arboletas
    Arica ACM Arica
    Armenia AXM El Eden
    Ayacucho AYC Ayacucho
    Ayapel AYA Ayapel
    Bahia Cupica BHF Bahia Cupica
    Bahia Solano BSC Bahia Solano
    Barranca De Upia BAC Barranca De Upia
    Barrancabermeja EJA Variguies
    Barrancominas NBB Barrancominas
    Barranquilla BAQ E Cortissoz
    Bogota BOG Eldorado
    Bucaramanga BGA Palo Negro
    Buenaventura BUN Buenaventura
    Cali CLO Alfonso B. Aragon
    Candilejas CJD Candilejas
    Capurgana CPB Capurgana
    Caquetania CQT Caquetania
    Carimagua CCO Carimagua
    Cartagena CTG Rafael Nunez
    Cartago CRC Cartago
    Caruru CUO Caruru
    Casuarito CSR Casuarito
    Caucasia CAQ Caucasia
    Chaparral CPL Chaparral
    Chigorodo IGO Chigorodo
    Chivolo IVO Chivolo
    Cimitarra CIM Cimitarra
    Codazzi DZI Codazzi
    Condoto COG Mandinga
    Corozal CZU Corozal
    Covenas CVE Covenas
    Cravo Norte RAV Cravo Norte
    Cucuta CUC Camilo Dazo
    Currillo CUI Currillo
    El Bagre EBG El Bagre
    El Banco ELB San Bernado
    El Charco ECR El Charco
    El Encanto ECO El Encanto
    El Recreo ELJ El Recreo
    El Yopal EYP El Yopal
    Florencia FLA Capitolio
    Gamarra GRA Gamarra
    Gilgal GGL Gilgal
    Girardot GIR Girardot
    Guacamaya GCA Guacamaya
    Guamal GAA Guamal
    Guapi GPI Guapi
    Guerima GMC Guerima
    Hato Corozal HTZ Hato Corozal
    Herrera HRR Herrera
    Ibague IBE Ibague
    Ipiales IPI San Luis
    Iscuande ISD Iscuande
    Jurado JUO Jurado
    La Chorrera LCR La Chorrera
    La Pedrera LPD La Pedrera
    La Primavera LPE La Primavera
    La Uribe LAT La Uribe
    Lamacarena LMC Lamacarena
    Las Gaviotas LGT Las Gaviotas
    Leguizamo LGZ Leguizamo
    Leticia LET Gen. A.V. Cobo
    Lopez De Micay LMX Lopez De Micay
    Lorica LRI Lorica
    Macanal NAD Macanal
    Magangue MGN Baracoa
    Maicao MCJ Maicao
    Manizales MZL Santaguida
    Mariquita MQU Mariquita
    Medellín EOH Enrique Olaya Herrera International Airport
    Medellin MDE Jose Maria Cordova
    Medina MND Medina
    Miraflores MFS Miraflores
    Miriti MIX Miriti
    Mitu MVP Mitu
    Mompos MMP Mompos
    Monfort MFB Monfort
    Monte Libano MTB Monte Libano
    Monteria MTR S. Jeronimo
    Monterrey MOY Monterrey
    Morichal MHF Morichal
    Mosquera MQR Mosquera
    Mulatos ULS Mulatos
    Nare NAR Nare
    Necocli NCI Necocli
    Neiva NVA La Marguita
    Nunchia NUH Nunchia
    Nuqui NQU Nuqui
    Ocana OCV Aguasclaras
    Orocue ORC Orocue
    Otu OTU Otu
    Palanquero PAL Palanquero
    Paratebueno EUO Paratebueno
    Pasto PSO Cano
    Payan PYN Payan
    Paz De Ariporo PZA Casanare
    Pereira PEI Matecana
    Pitalito PTX Pitalito
    Planadas PLA Planadas
    Planeta Rica PLC Planeta Rica
    Plato PLT Plato
    Popayan PPN Machangara
    Pore PRE Pore
    Providencia PVA Providencia
    Puerto Asis PUU Puerto Asis
    Puerto Berrio PBE Puerto Berrio
    Puerto Boyaca PYA Puerto Boyaca
    Puerto Carreno PCR Puerto Carreno
    Puerto Inirida PDA Puerto Inirida
    Puerto Leguizamo LQM Puerto Leguizamo
    Puerto Rico PCC Puerto Rico
    Quibdo UIB Quibdo
    Riohacha RCH Riohacha
    Rondon RON Rondon
    Sabana De Torres SNT Sabana De Torres
    San Andres Island ADZ San Andres Island
    San Felipe SSD San Felipe
    San Jose Del Gua SJE San Jose Del Gua
    San Juan D Ur SJR San Juan D Ur
    San Juan Del Cesar SJH San Juan Del Cesar
    San Luis De Pale SQE San Luis De Pale
    San Marcos SRS Santa Fe De Bogota
    San Pedro Jagua SJG San Pedro Jagua
    San Pedro Uraba NPU San Pedro Uraba
    San Vicente SVI San Vicente
    Santa Ana SQB Santa Ana
    Santa Catalina SCA Santa Catalina
    Santa Maria SMC Santa Maria
    Santa Marta SMR Simon Bolivar
    Santa Rosalia SSL Santa Rosalia
    Santana Ramos SRO Santana Ramos
    Saravena RVE Los Colonizadores
    Sogamoso SOX Alberto Lleras Camargo
    Solano SQF Solano
    Solita SOH Solita
    Tablon De Tamara TTM Tablon De Tamara
    Tame TME Tame
    Tarapaca TCD Tarapaca
    Tauramena TAU Tauramena
    Tibu TIB Tibu
    Timbiqui TBD Timbiqui
    Tolu TLU Tolu
    Tres Esquinas TQS Tres Esquinas
    Trinidad TDA Trinidad
    Tulua ULQ Farfan
    Tumaco TCO La Florida
    Turbo TRB Gonzalo
    Unguia UNC Unguia
    Uribe URI Uribe
    Urrao URR Urrao
    Valledupar VUP Valledupar
    Villagarzon VGZ Villagarzon
    Villavicencio VVC La Vanguardia
    Yaguara AYG Yaguara
    Yari AYI Yari
    Yavarate VAB Yavarate
    Zapatoca AZT Zapatoca
    San Fernando SFR San Fernando

Our professional team is at your service for you to benefit advantages of air cargo in Turkey-Colombia cargo transfer needs.

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