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Cameroon Cargo

Turkey-Cameroon Cargo

Our firm is at your service with professional international air cargo transport solutions for your Turkey-Cameroon cargo demands.

Choosing air cargo for Turkey-Cameroon cargo needs as in overseas transfer will provide benefits for time, safety and other things. Also, you can have faster feedback from your customers and achieve higher trade volume. Our professional team is at your service for you to benefit advantages of air cargo in Turkey-Cameroon cargo transfer needs.

Turkey-Cameroon Cargo Service

  • Advantages of Turkey-Cameroon Air Cargo

    Turkey-Cameroon cargo operations can be conducted via sea route from harbours of both countries but this transport takes longer. Air cargo as one of the Turkey-Cameroon cargo options may have a bit more complex procedures but this method is faster and safer. Our firm offers transfer options between airport, from airport to address and between address in Turkey-Cameroon cargo services and we minimise cargo loss, theft risks as well as damages or incomplete delivery. Our firm offers boutique services under current sectoral conditions for your Turkey-Cameroon cargo demands and offers price advantages as well.
  • What Can I Send to Cameroon/from Cameroon?

    Under our Turkey-Cameroon cargo service, we can transfer textile, food, electric products, dangerous goods, medication, funeral, machinery, pets, valuable goods, fair transfers and project transfer. For your Turkey-Cameroon cargo demands, you need to send to our firm:

    - Contact information of sender and recipient (title, address, phone number and e-mail address),

    - Departure and arrival airports,

    - Type, number, size, weight, content of goods,

    - Delivery and payment type.

    Also, you need to deliver the good to warehouse in customs. After customs operations, these goods will be transferred in fast and reliable way with utmost care.
  • Cameroon

    Cameron which declared independence in 1960 from French and British mandate is on African continent. Neighbours of this country are Republic of Central Africa on the east, Congo, Gabon and Ecuador Guinea in southwest and south, Chad on northeast, Nigeria on northwest, and Atlantic Ocean on west. Capital city of this 25 million population Central African country is Yaoundé. Cameroon is divided into ten regions and official languages are French and English. This country is known for rich underground resources and fertile fauna and capital Yaoundé and harbour city Douala are main trade cities. With our Turkey-Cameroon cargo services, it is possible to send cargo to these two cities and other cities as well.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Cameroon

    Commercial and political relationship between Turkey and Cameroon are developing especially after 2012. Other than shuttle trade between Turkey and Cameroon, officially 100 million dollar import and 50 million dollar export occurred in 2017 and total of 150 million dollar volume was achieved. As relationships get stronger every day, 3/4 of Turkey-Cameroon cargo volume is import and 1/4 is export. In other words, imported replacement products are more common. Approximately 300 Turkish citizens live in Cameroon and bilateral relationships are based on friendship.
  • Pricing Turkey-Cameroon Air Cargo Service

    When you choose Turkey-Cameroon cargo services of our firm, various criteria are considered for pricing. These criteria include cargo content, number of pieces, packing type, number of packages, weight, delivery type, and payment type. For example, pricing of standard textile product will be different than perishable goods, flammable materials like paint or dangerous materials in your Turkey-Cameroon cargo demands.
  • Why Should Exporting Firms Choose Air Cargo?

    Location of these countries make road transport unsuitable for Turkey-Cameroon cargo needs. Due to distance and security problems caused by political instabilities of some African countries, road transport of Turkey-Cameroon cargo is expensive and has security risks. Therefore, firms avoid such routes.

    Sea transfer in your Turkey-Cameroon cargo demand can be completed from different harbours. Although this method seems cheaper, longer transfer time, possible problems at transfer points make price/performance ratio unsuitable compared to air cargo. 1/10 decrease transfer time in Turkey-Cameroon cargo operations will provide you time and monetary advantages.
  • Why Should I Choose Your Firm for Turkey-Cameroon Cargo Service?

    Our firm has experienced and expert team in logistic sector and provides unique and detailed Turkey-Cameroon cargo service. At this point, our firm contacts you directly for professional communication to evaluate your Turkey-Cameroon cargo demand and provide problem free service and our agreements with airline firms to meet your Turkey-Cameroon cargo needs, we are offering you affordable prices.

    Our firms provides fast, reliable and easily tracked Turkey-Cameroon cargo service to deliver your cargo to final destination. Based on your Turkey-Cameroon cargo needs, we are also offering this service to individuals who wants to send gifts or other small goods with our expert and professional team.
  • Cameroon Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Bafoussam BFX Bafoussam
    Bali BLC Bamenda
    Bamenda BPC Bamenda
    Batouri OUR Batouri
    Douala DLA Douala
    Dschang DSC Dschang
    Ebolowa EBW Ebolowa
    Foumban FOM Foumban
    Garoua GOU Garoua
    Kaele KLE Kaele
    Koutaba KOB Koutaba
    Kribi KBI Kribi
    Limbe VCC Limbe
    Mamfe MMF Mamfe
    Maroua MVR Salam
    Ngaoundere NGE Ngaoundere
    Nkongsamba NKS Nkongsamba
    Tiko TKC Tiko
    Yagoua GXX Yagoua
    Yaounda BTA Yaounda
    Yaounde NSI Nsimalen International
    Yaounde YAO Yaounde Airport

We are completing your individual and corporate Turkey-Cameroon cargo transfer operations and delivering your cargo without any damage.

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