Bolivia Cargo

Bolivia Cargo

Turkey-Bolivia Cargo

Our firm that has become an important player of air cargo transport is leading Turkey-Bolivia cargo services.

Air cargo transport that offers advantages between far countries is increasing quality of international commerce. Our firm wants to be a bridge between countries and we are offering international air cargo services including Turkey-Bolivia cargo service in affordable and high-quality manner.

Under our Turkey-Bolivia cargo service, we are receiving cargo from various locations in Turkey or in Bolivia and we are safely transferring cargos to delivery point. We are proud to be a firm that follows air cargo transport rules and offers most affordable transport service.

Turkey-Bolivia Air Cargo Service

  • Advantages of Air Cargo Service

    Air cargo transport has an important place as the fastest transportation method to speed up delivery of goods from manufacturing location to sales location under expanding international trade and trade volume.

    • As it is known, air cargo is the safest transport method. Air cargo will offer the best services for those who want speed and safety together.

    • Utmost care is given during loading and transfer and all cargo stages work according to plan.

    Our firm organises all air cargo services including Turkey-Bolivia cargo services in great care and all individuals and institutions can benefit from these advantages.
  • Bolivia

    Bolivia is on South America continent and this country is officially known as Bolivia Multi-National State; the name comes from Simon Bolivar. Official languages in this country are Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. Since two-third of the population is local, Bolivia preserved its culture. This country has no coastline; capital city is Sucre and administration city is La Paz. Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Potosi other important cities. Our Turkey-Bolivia cargo services are mainly preferred to transfer cargo to these cities. When the distance between this country and Turkey are considered, it is clear why Turkey-Bolivia cargo service is needed.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Bolivia

    Geographical distance between Turkey and Latin American countries caused commercial relationships to be weak. However, with "Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement" signed on 29 October 2011, a new chapter is opened for relationship between Bolivia and Turkey. Our firm contributes to this commercial relationship with Turkey-Bolivia cargo service.
  • We Are Sure In Turkey-Bolivia Air Cargo Service

    Our firm delivers cargo to different countries and acts as a bridge between Turkey and Bolivia with our Turkey-Bolivia cargo service; we are sensitive about Turkey-Bolivia cargo and we are prioritising safety to transfer cargo in the shortest time possible.

    Bolivia, one of the youngest countries in South American continent is expanding its trade volume and growth. With increasing trade volume, this small South American country is strengthening relationship with Turkey; under our Turkey-Bolivia cargo service we are transferring all types of Turkey-Bolivia cargo in safe way. Similarly, we are undertaking cargo transfer from Bolivia to Turkey that has great international trade volume and connects Europe and Asia with our Turkey-Bolivia cargo service.
  • International Air Cargo Services

    Increased commercial volume in globalising world has created new service sectors. Commercial volume between countries after World War II required the need to transfer goods in fast way. This way, international air cargo transport expanded greatly.

    Recent studies show that more than 35% of global commerce is completed with air cargo. Our firm contributed to global commerce with air cargo services including Turkey-Bolivia cargo.
  • Cargo That Can Be Send With Turkey-Bolivia Air Cargo Service

    Under Turkey-Bolivia cargo service, cargos with different properties can be transferred. For example, with Turkey-Bolivia cargo service, materials for a project can be transferred. Other than that, it is possible to transfer funerals, pets, dangerous goods, transit goods and export-import goods with Turkey-Bolivia cargo. In short, valuable, sensitive, dangerous, perishable or urgent cargo are under Turkey-Bolivia cargo transport service.
  • What Is Special Turkey-Bolivia Cargo and General Turkey-Bolivia Cargo?

    Air cargo transport is generally divided into three. Our firm completes transfers based on procedures of these three categories in Turkey-Bolivia cargo services as well as other services. Cargo types are divided as special cargo, general cargo and dangerous cargo.

    Special Turkey-Bolivia cargo are valuable goods, perishable goods or medication, diplomatic documents and pets. Special procedures apply to transfer and storage of special cargo type.

    General Turkey-Bolivia cargo are cargo that do not require special storage or extra service other cargo than perishable or dangerous goods.

    Transfer of dangerous goods is one of the most important cargo transport types. All possible threats should be eliminated with related rules.

    When you benefit from our Turkey-Bolivia cargo service, you can safely transfer your dangerous goods, special and general cargo.
  • Legal Procedure in Turkey-Bolivia Air Cargo Transport

    To conduct Turkey-Bolivia cargo transport under legal framework, as in all international air transport, these operations are conducted between sender logistics firm and airline company based on "Airline Transport Agreement" law. International air cargo transports are carried under Warsaw Convention, Lahey protocol, IATA and United Nations. Our firm undertakes all liabilities in Turkey-Bolivia cargo services and carries all procedures under related legal framework.
  • Bolivia Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Apolo APB Apolo
    Ascension ASC Ascension
    Baures BVL Baures
    Bermejo BJO Bermejo
    Camiri CAM Camiri
    Cobija CIJ E. Beltram
    Cochabamba CBB J Wilsterman
    Concepcion CEP Concepcion
    Guayaramerin GYA Guayaramerin
    Huacaraje BVK Huacaraje
    La Paz LPB El Alto
    Magdalena MGD Magdalena
    Monteagudo MHW Monteagudo
    Oruro ORU Oruro
    Potosi POI Potosi
    Puerto Rico PUR Puerto Rico
    Puerto Suarez PSZ Puerto Suarez
    Reyes REY Reyes
    Riberalta RIB Gen Buech
    Robore RBO Robore
    Rurrenabaque RBQ Rurrenabaque
    San Borja SRJ Capitan G Q Guardia
    San Ignacio De M SNM San Ignacio De M
    San Ignacio De Velasco SNG San Ignacio De Velasco
    San Javier SJV San Javier
    San Joaquin SJB San Joaquin
    San Jose SJS San Jose
    San Matias MQK San Matias
    San Ramon SRD San Ramon
    Santa Ana SBL Yacuma
    Santa Cruz VVI Viru Viru Intl
    Santa Cruz SRZ El Trompillo
    Santa Rosa SRB Santa Rosa
    Sucre SRE Juana Azurduy de Padilla
    Tarija TJA Tarija
    Trinidad TDD Trinidad
    Vallegrande VAH Vallegrande
    Villamontes VLM Villamontes
    Yacuiba BYC Yacuiba

Our firm that offers Turkey-Bolivia cargo service is the leading air cargo firm in Turkey.

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