Argentina Cargo

Argentina Cargo

Turkey-Argentina Air Cargo

Turkey-Argentina cargo for commercial or individual needs is often complicated process.

Do you want to turn this complicated process into an easy one?

With technological developments and using internet as an important element of business world, export is now easier. When we talk about export, this means finding new markets and access to these markets. Market you need for your product or service maybe thousands of miles away as in Argentina and Turkey case. If we consider the ocean between these two countries, transporting Turkey-Argentina cargo with air cargo is the smartest way.

Turkey-Argentina cargo service is called transport of commercial goods or personal belongings to recipients in Turkey or Argentina. Take this service from expert and experienced firm to experience zero problem!

Turkey-Argentina Air Cargo Service

  • Why Is Turkey-Argentina Air Cargo Service Important for Your Firm?

    If you are looking for Turkey-Argentina cargo service and if you want to compete in South America or Asia, cost calculation is extremely important. When exporting to Argentina or to Turkey, main cost will be transportation costs. Turkey-Argentina cargo transportation costs will impact your sales prices and profitability. So, you need to compare costs of firms transporting to Turkey or to Argentina. However, you should remember that lower transportation cost to Argentina or to Turkey will not solve all your problems. Under Turkey-Argentina cargo service, you should also consider delivery time to Argentina or Turkey. Only way to eliminate cost and time problems in Turkey-Argentina cargo is use air cargo transport.
  • Fast Cargo Transport for Everyone

    Turkey-Argentina cargo service will be advantageous not only for importing or exporting firms but also individual customers who want to use air cargo. Based on our operation principles, there is service quality difference in our Turkey-Argentina cargo between a small gift or a million dollar commercial goods. Our firm always emphasis on-time and reliable delivery with customer satisfaction in Turkey-Argentina cargo service. Our firm is there for you in all your Turkey-Argentina cargo service needs!
  • What Type of Cargo Can I Send With Turkey-Argentina Cargo Service?

    As in different destination around the world, needs and demands of our customers will set goods that will be send from Turkey to Argentina or from Argentina to Turkey. Under our Turkey-Argentina cargo service, you can send small parcels, pets, documents, sport equipment, funerals, dangerous materials, valuable goods, machinery or heavy industry equipment. Only thing you need to be careful about Turkey-Argentina cargo service is packing the goods according to legal procedures and regulations. Our firm complies with all these procedures and legal framework to deliver your Turkey-Argentina cargo on-time.
  • Affordable Turkey-Argentina Air Cargo Service

    Our firm offers air cargo transport service for commercial and individual needs and we are decreasing the costs while helping you with time management. Since other transportation methods are hard and takes longer time, offering Turkey-Argentina cargo service with air cargo enables us to provide affordable prices and damage free delivery. Additionally, you can track your goods during Turkey-Argentina cargo process.
  • Argentina

    Argentina is in South America continent with more than 43 million population. Capital city of this country is Buenos Aires and other cities are Cordoba, La Plata, Mendoza, Rosario, Tucuman.

    Official language of this country is Spanish and while this country is becoming an important commercial centre, there are also advancements in cultural, artistic, and sportive areas. Argentina is the motherland of tango and Lionel Messi and famous Diego Armando Maradona are from this country.

    Argentina is an agricultural country with fertile land and tourism is one of the main income of the country although industry is developing. Argentina has Buenos Aires, one of the most popular touristic cities and tourists are greatly contributing to national economy. 20% of exported goods of Argentina are agricultural products and with development of Turkey-Argentina cargo network, goods of this country can be transported to far locations like Turkey.
  • Relationship Between Turkey and Argentina

    Relationship between Turkey and Argentina dates back to 100 years. Protocol between Ottoman Empire and Argentina in 1910 had become official in 1926 after formation of Republic of Turkey.

    Most of the authorities believe that Turkey and Argentina has similar economic structures. Although both Turkey and Argentina are brand countries, they are struggling to produce global brands. Argentina and Turkish economy that struggle with crisis continue to be leading parties with developing economic conditions. Since both countries are looking for new markets to expand commercial activities, Turkey and Argentina are getting closer each year. Developing Turkey-Argentina cargo network by the contribution of our firm increases commercial activities between two countries. Turkey-Argentina cargo services between two faraway lands divided by ocean has great opportunities for economies of Argentina and Turkey.
  • Argentina Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Alto Rio Senguerr ARR Alto Rio Senguerr
    Bahia Blanca BHI Comandante
    Buenos Aires AEP Arpt. Jorge Newbery
    Buenos Aires EZE Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini
    Caleta Olivia CVI Caleta Olivia
    Carmen De Patagones CPG Carmen De Patagones
    Catamarca CTC Catamarca
    Caviahue CVH Caviahue
    Ceres CRR Ceres
    Charata CNT Charata
    Chos Malal HOS Oscar Reguera
    Clorinda CLX Clorinda
    Colonia Catriel CCT Colonia Catriel
    Colonia Sarmiento OLN Colonia Sarmiento
    Comodoro Rivadavia CRD Comodoro Rivadavia
    Concordia COC Concordia
    Cordoba COR Pajas Blancas
    Coronel Suarez CSZ Brigadier Hector Ruiz
    Corrientes CNQ Camba Punta
    Curuzu Cuatia UZU Curuzu Cuatia
    Cutral CUT Cutral
    El Bolson EHL El Bolson
    El Calafate FTE El Calafate
    El Maiten EMX El Maiten
    El Palomar EPA El Palomar
    Eldorado ELO Eldorado
    Esquel EQS Esquel
    Formosa FMA El Pucu
    General Pico GPO General Pico
    General Roca GNR General Roca
    General Villegas VGS General Villegas
    Gobernador Gregores GGS Gobernador Gregores
    Goya OYA Goya
    Gualeguaychu GHU Gualeguaychu
    Iguazu IGR Cataratas
    Ingeniero Jacobacci IGB Ingeniero Jacobacci
    Jose De San Martin JSM Jose De San Martin
    Jujuy JUJ El Cadillal
    Junin JNI Junin
    La Cumbre LCM La Cumbre
    La Plata LPG La Plata
    La Rioja IRJ La Rioja
    Lago Argentino ING Lago Argentino
    Las Heras LHS Las Heras
    Las Lomitas LLS Las Lomitas
    Loncopue LCP Loncopue
    Los Menucos LMD Los Menucos
    Malargue LGS Malargue
    Maquinchao MQD Maquinchao
    Mar Del Plata MDQ Mar Del Plata
    Mendoza MDZ El Plumerillo
    Mercedes MDX Mercedes
    Merlo RLO Valle Del Conlara
    Miramar MJR Miramar
    Monte Caseros MCS Monte Caseros
    Necochea NEC Necochea
    Neuquen NQN Neuquen
    Olavarria OVR Olavarria
    Oran ORA Oran
    Parana PRA Parana
    Paso De Los Libres AOL Paso De Los Libres
    Pehuajo PEH Pehuajo
    Perito Moreno PMQ Perito Moreno
    Posadas PSS Posadas
    Pres. Roque Saenz Pena PRQ Pres. Roque Saenz Pena
    Puerto Deseado PUD Puerto Deseado
    Puerto Madryn PMY El Tehuelche
    Reconquista RCQ Reconquista
    Resistencia RES Resistencia
    Rincon de los Sauces RDS Rincon de los Sauces
    Rio Cuarto RCU Rio Cuarto
    Rio Gallegos RGL Internacional
    Rio Grande RGA Rio Grande
    Rio Hondo RHD Rio Hondo
    Rio Mayo ROY Rio Mayo
    Rio Turbio RYO Rio Turbio
    Rosario ROS Fisherton
    Saenz Pena SZQ Saenz Pena
    Salta SLA Gen Belgrano
    San Antonio Oeste OES San Antonio Oeste
    San Carlos DeBariloche BRC International
    San Juan UAQ San Juan
    San Julian ULA San Julian
    San Luis LUQ San Luis
    San Martin DeLos Andes CPC Chapelco
    San Rafael AFA San Rafael
    Santa Cruz RZA Santa Cruz
    Santa Fe SFN Santa Fe
    Santa Rosa RSA Santa Rosa
    Santa Teresita SST Santa Teresita
    Santiago Del Estero SDE Santiago Del Estero
    Sierra Grande SGV Sierra Grande
    Tandil TDL Tandil
    Tartagal TTG Tartagal
    Trelew REL Trelew
    Tres Arroyos OYO Tres Arroyos
    Tucuman TUC Benj Matienzo
    Ushuaia USH Islas Malvinas
    Valcheta VCF Valcheta
    Viedma VDM Viedma
    Villa Dolores VDR Villa Dolores
    Villa Gesell VLG Villa Gesell
    Villa Mercedes VME Villa Mercedes
    Zapala APZ Zapala

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