Micro Export Cargo

Micro Export Cargo

Micro Export Cargo

With our micro export cargo solutions, we are accelerating transport processed of your commercial activities.

Our firm that can handle all air cargo related transport service singlehandedly is the closest business partner of firms that are in foreign trade and need intense transportation with micro export cargo solutions!

If you want correct guidance with knowledge, professional and impeccable service, full-compliance with all legal procedures, and protection of your firm name and cargo during micro export cargo process, you can contact our firm.

If you are a firm that is not currently operation in foreign trade but planning to do so in the near future, knowing some information about micro export will make things easier for you. Here are some facts that you need to know about micro export cargo:

What Is "Micro Export"?

"Micro export" is exporting all products below total weight of 150 kg and total price of 7,500 Euro (invoice price without VAT).

If weight and prices of micro export cargo exceeds these limits, there is need for detailed customs declaration by customs brokers

Which Goods Are Send Under Micro Export?

Although within determined limits (150 kg/7,500 Euro) a cargo should have sales and export properties to be regarded as "micro export". Other products that will be send to foreign countries cannot be considered as "micro export cargo". These cargo must be transported with detailed declaration by customs brokers.

You can use Electronic Trade Customs Declaration send to your e-mail address to prove that your micro export cargo is transported for export purposes.

Document Necessary for Micro Export Cargo Transport

Micro export cargo can be conducted with Electronic Trade Customs Declaration. This declaration is filed online by operations (mail/fast cargo carriers) including our firm. Customs brokers do not have authority to prepare this declaration. You can ask for support from our firm that offers micro export cargo solutions to prepare this declaration.

In addition to Electronic Trade Customs Declaration, you need to have certain documents to approve your micro export cargo products in customs. These documents include Micro Export Transport Information Form (Job Order), Indirect Representation Authorisation Document, English invoice compliant with Turkish invoice, and Treasury approved invoice. To learn more about how to file these documents in micro export cargo process, you can contact our experienced firm.

According to Customs Union Agreement (Turkey-EU countries), you need A.TR Certificate of Circulation to be exempt of customs tax. Please remember that if this document is not present, tax to third party countries will be applied to micro export cargo. You need to contact our firm for details about A.TR Certificate of Circulation.

When you prepare all these documents required by customs, you need to add these documents inside an envelope and write bill of lading to send us to our firm that offers micro export cargo with local cargo firm. You can visit our "contact" page to learn our address.

Dispatch Duration for Micro Export Cargo

After exported products are received by our firm that offers micro export cargo, legal preparations that are similar to customs operations will start. Therefore, after completing related operations, your micro export cargo will be send in the following business day when our firm received your goods.

Micro Export Cargo Transport Price

Micro export cargo transport prices depends on destination country, quantity and type of products. You can contact our firm to benefit from special price offers.

Our firm does not request for customs broker service fee and export storehouse fee under micro export cargo process. Also, you do not need to make additional payment to Exporters' Association as you send micro export cargo with Electronic Trade Customs Declaration.

You can pay transport fee in micro export cargo or you can demand recipient to pay this fee.

Benefits of Receiving Micro Export Cargo Transport Service from Our Firm

Our firm is specialised in air cargo transfers and has been a reputable firm for years with hassle free services. Our firm offers services to individuals and institutions and our firm is among reputable firms where firms that are involved in foreign trade work with in their micro export cargo needs.

Among the reasons for being one of the leader partners in micro export cargo transfer are our corporate principles, maximum benefit principle, offering micro export cargo solutions with affordable prices and in the shortest time, professionally conducting our operations before and during the service, and leaving no room for mistake from planning to execution.

If your time is valuable, if you want to experience problem free micro export cargo process, and if you want this service to be economic, you can contact our firm that makes difference with micro export cargo solutions.

To Receive Micro Export Cargo Transport Service

If you are conducting micro export or planning to do so, you can contact our firm to receive support for customs declaration and other documents as well as other transport subjects. After our mutual agreement, all you need to do is send your products and documents to us. We will take care of the rest of the micro export cargo transport.

We are constantly working to deliver all your micro export cargo that can be transported with air cargo to the destination country.

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