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Ethiopia Cargo

Turkey-Ethiopia Cargo

We are here for everyone who wants to send their Turkey-Ethiopia cargo by air and save time and money!

Our firm that offers alternative services for corporate and individual customer demands for long years and keeping sender and receiver customer satisfaction at highest level is your greatest supporter with Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service. Regardless of where you are in Turkey, we are working for safe and sound delivery of your Turkey-Ethiopia cargo and we are enabling you to access all advantages of air cargo service without losing time.

All you need to do to benefit from Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service from our firm that predicts current and future expectations of customers and constantly follows sectoral developments is to contact us via our contact channels. From the moment you contact our firm until Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service is completed, you will have the peace of fast and safe transfer.

Turkey-Ethiopia Air Cargo Service

  • Turkey-Ethiopia Air Cargo Service: Selection of Those Who Want to Expand to World with Great Speed

    Although it is a new service type compared to other transportation methods, usage of air cargo transport is increasing rapidly and this transfer is offered as the safest and fastest cargo transfer. Accordingly, most prominent property of Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service offered with air vehicles is fast and reliable service.

    Increasing commercial volume in globalising world, increasing competition and desire to meet the needs in fast way created the need to deliver goods to recipient in fastest way possible. Similarly, businessmen need to move fast not to miss business opportunities thousands of miles away. Delivering goods and services, documents such as agreements to different regions in shortest time and in safe manner is possible with air cargo transport. Therefore, Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service that offers high speed transport without disregarding safety is the first choice of institutions that are commercially active and that wants to grow and become a global company.
  • Turkey-Ethiopia Cargo Service for Individuals

    Our firm offers Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service not only to institutions and businesses but also individuals who wants to send non-commercial cargo. Under this scope, every individual in Turkey and in Ethiopia can easily send cargo to their relatives and friends. For individuals, advantage of Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service is speed and safety: Special and valuable cargo are delivered to recipient on-time and without any damage. In short, since there is no traffic jam problem, it enables fast transport and eliminates time losses, Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service is among top choice of individuals who wants to transfer cargo from Turkey to Ethiopia/from Ethiopia to Turkey.
  • About Our Firm That Offers Turkey-Ethiopia Cargo Service

    Individuals who want to send cargo to another cargo cannot directly contact with airline firms, they need services of agencies like our firm. Our firm that offers Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service acts like a bridge for individuals and businesses who wants to transfer goods at global scale. Main properties of our firm is that we complete this process in short time and we offer quality service with affordable prices.

    Our firm that offers Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service guarantees speed as well as safe transfer. When you benefit from services of our experienced firm, you will be sure that your cargo will be delivered to recipient without any cargo mixing, cargo loss or damage.
  • Which Cargo Can Be Transferred with Turkey-Ethiopia Air Cargo?

    By benefiting from Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service, it is possible to transfer various cargo that is impossible to transfer by road due to technical and legal procedures. In other words, everything that is not against aviation rules can be transported with Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service. Heavy machinery, food products, furniture, medical devices and samples, sensitive goods, valuable cargo, dangerous materials are some of the examples that can be transferred with this service. In addition to these cargo, you can transfer your pets and funerals with Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service from Turkey to Ethiopia and from Ethiopia to Turkey.
  • Ethiopia

    Historically known as Abyssinia, officially known as Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic, Ethiopia is an East African country.

    Capital city Addis Ababa has 2,500-2,700 altitude and has the 2nd highest airport. Dire Dawah, Asmara, Harar, Gonder, Pesse and Mitsiva are other important cities of the country.

    Ethiopia has the lowest unemployment rate among African countries. Free market here has enabled various foreign companies to invest to this country.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Ethiopia

    Relationship between Turkey and Ethiopia are positive and open for improvement. Declaration of "African year" in 2005, as first African office of Turkish Cooperation and Development Administration Presidency (2005) opened first African office in 2005 in Addis Ababa are among factors that accelerated these relationships. Additionally, direct flights of Turkish Airlines to Addis Ababa and increasing support programs from Turkey to Ethiopia contributed to development of these relationship.
  • Turkey-Ethiopia Cargo Prices

    Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service prices depend on departure and arrival points, content, number of cargo, volume and weight, delivery to address or delivery to airport options. After sharing these information with us, we will be providing our price offer to you in the shortest time possible. Our firm offers most suitable Turkey-Ethiopia cargo transfer solutions with affordable prices to protect your interest.
  • Ethiopia Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Addis Ababa ADD Bole
    Arba Mintch AMH Arba Mintch
    Asela ALK Asela
    Asosa ASO Asosa
    Assab ASA Assab
    Awareh AWH Awareh
    Awassa AWA Awassa
    Axum AXU Axum
    Bahar Dar BJR Bahar Dar
    Beica BEI Beica
    Bulchi BCY Bulchi
    Buno Bedelle XBL Buno Bedelle
    Chagni MKD Chagni
    Debra Marcos DBM Debra Marcos
    Debra Tabor DBT Debra Tabor
    Degahbur DGC Degahbur
    Dembidollo DEM Dembidollo
    Dessie DSE Combolcha
    Dire Dawa DIR Aba Tenna D Yilma
    Fincha FNH Fincha
    Gambela GMB Gambela
    Geladi GLC Geladi
    Genda Wuha ETE Genda Wuha
    Ghimbi GHD Ghimbi
    Ghinnir GNN Ghinnir
    Goba GOB Goba
    Gode/Iddidole GDE Gode/Iddidole
    Gondar GDQ Gondar
    Gore GOR Gore
    Humera HUE Humera
    Indaselassie SHC Indaselassie
    Jijiga JIJ Jigiga
    Jimma JIM Jimma
    Jinka BCO Jinka
    Kabri Dar ABK Kabri Dar
    Kelafo/Callaf LFO Kelafo
    Lalibela LLI Lalibela
    Makale MQX Makale
    Mekane Selam MKS Mekane Selam
    Mena MZX Mena
    Mendi NDM Mendi
    Misrak Gashamo MHJ Misrak Gashamo
    Mizan Teferi MTF Mizan Teferi
    Mota OTA Mota
    Moyale MYS Moyale
    Mui MUJ Mui
    Neghelli EGL Neghelli
    Nejjo NEJ Nejjo
    Nekemt NEK Nekemt
    Pawi PWI Beles
    Semera SZE Semera Airport
    Shakiso SKR Shakiso
    Shehdi SQJ Shehdi
    Shillavo HIL Shillavo
    Soddu SXU Soddu
    Tippi TIE Tippi
    Tum TUJ Tum
    Waca WAC Waca
    Warder WRA Warder

As your Turkey-Ethiopia cargo service provider, we are delivering your valuable goods with care and we would like to take this relationship between us further.

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