Bulgaria Cargo

Bulgaria Cargo

Turkey-Bulgaria Cargo

Foreign trade companies or individuals cannot directly contact airline companies for Turkey-Bulgaria cargo transfer.

Firms that export from Turkey to Bulgaria or individuals who wants to send gifts from Bulgaria to Turkey need to use services of mediator agents. Everyone who needs to deliver cargo from Turkey to Bulgari or from Bulgaria to Turkey can contact our firm to send their Turkey-Bulgaria cargo to desired address or airport.

Main problem of individuals who want to send cargo to another country is safety because international transfer is longer and harder than domestic cargo and there is the risk of cargo damage. But individuals and institutions that benefit from Turkey-Bulgaria cargo service of our firm can safely deliver their Turkey-Bulgaria cargo to our firm and be sure that their transfer process will be completed without any problem. All cargo received by our firm are transferred with high safety precautions and delivered within designated time.

Turkey-Bulgaria Air Cargo Service

  • Information Necessary for Turkey-Bulgaria Air Cargo Service

    Individuals and institutions who wants to benefit from out Turkey-Bulgaria cargo service need to share all information about their Turkey-Bulgaria cargo when they contact us. These information can be listed as number of cargo, cargo size, address information, contact information of recipient, and whether the transfer will be between airports or between addresses. Everyone who completely informs our firm can benefit from Turkey-Bulgaria cargo service.
  • Safe Cargo Transfer With Turkey-Bulgaria Cargo Service

    Although Bulgari and Turkey are close, these two are separate countries and there are certain worries to send cargo: "How long will it take for my cargo to be delivered?" or "Can I track my cargo?" are some common questions.

    You will not experience any problem when you send your Turkey-Bulgaria cargo with our firm; our firm is one of the most reliable firms in Turkey-Bulgaria cargo service sector. Each Turkey-Bulgaria cargo is registered to our system and both senders and recipients can instantly learn current status of cargo. Since our firm provides reliable and fast cargo delivery guarantee to our customers, you can easily entrust your Turkey-Bulgaria cargo to us.
  • Solution Partner in Turkey-Bulgaria Cargo Transfer

    Cargo delivery by road or sea can take a long time. But our firm delivers Turkey-Bulgaria cargo with air cargo and offers time saving. Also, prices for such fast delivery are affordable.

    Our firm takes care of every detail in Turkey-Bulgaria cargo transfer; we plan operation process by considering every detail and work to offer problem-free cargo transfer experience. Additionally, we are offering international cargo service for years and our experience ensures best services. Such reliable, fast, affordable and experienced service of our firm makes our customers to choose us. Our firm also closely solves all customer problems in Turkey-Bulgaria cargo service and provides solutions.
  • Fast Turkey-Bulgaria Cargo Transport

    Individuals who wants to send cargo from Bulgari to Turkey or firms that export to Bulgaria/to Turkey prefer air cargo for fast delivery. Our firm offers Turkey-Bulgaria cargo service to speed up this process! Our firm organises each step and starts working after receiving transfer demand; as in all cargo services, we are known for our speed and customer satisfaction in our Turkey-Bulgaria cargo service.
  • Which Cargo Can Be Transferred with Turkey-Bulgaria Air Cargo Service?

    You can send all types of Turkey-Bulgaria cargo to recipient with air cargo service. Our firm transfers mails, documents, pets, funerals, foods, sport equipment, machinery, dangerous goods, valuable/sensitive goods etc. Cargo such as live animals, dangerous goods, perishable or fragile goods are subjected to different procedures. You can contact our firm to learn more about Turkey-Bulgaria cargo transfer and packaging.
  • Bulgaria

    Tracks have rules Bulgarian land in 30 BC and Romans have followed Tracks. After Romans, Slavs have burned this land in 6th century and take the rule. In 7th century AD, Bulgarian Turks have settled to this area and current Bulgaria is started. Turks from Pre-Oghuz have exited in Big Bulgaria until end of 14th century.

    Today, Bulgaria welcomes many tourist and attracts attention with green nature and calm environment. Bulgaria is 16th largest country in Europe and has borders with Turkey from northwest. Official language is Bulgarian and capital city is Sophia. Sophia, Pleven, Silistra, Varna are most popular cities of this country.
  • Relationship Between Turkey-Bulgaria

    Bulgaria and Turkey are two ally neighbours. Bulgaria has democratic administration and free market economy and this developed relationship between Turkey and Bulgaria. Turkey has been supporting integration of Bulgaria with Europe-Atlantic structures. Most important element for positive relationship between Turkey and Bulgaria is 8.8% Turkish population in Bulgaria. In terms of economics, Turkey is main commercial partner of Bulgaria.
  • Bulgaria Airports

    City Airport Code Airport
    Bourgas BOJ Bourgas
    Gorna Oriahovitsa GOZ Gorna Oriahovitsa
    Haskovo HKV Haskovo
    Jambol JAM Jambol
    Kardjali KDG Kardjali
    Pleven PVN Pleven
    Plovdiv PDV Plovdiv
    Rousse ROU Rousse
    Silistra SLS Silistra
    Sofia SOF Sofia
    Stara Zagora SZR Stara Zagora
    Targovishte TGV Targovishte
    Varna VAR Varna
    Vidin VID Vidin

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