Air Cargo Prices

Air Cargo Prices

Air Cargo Prices

One of the topics of interest by individuals who want to send cargo with air to a domestic destination or any other region around the world is air cargo service prices...

Main element that needs to be emphasised before air cargo price is the fact that compared to meeting expectations, timing, protection of cargo content, and realising all undertakings, prices for such high quality service are extremely low.

Price for Service

Air cargo prices change based on properties of the cargo like other cargo transport methods. Departure/arrival destinations and cargo properties are two factors that directly affect exact prices of cargo.

Although air cargo prices seems higher compared to alternative transport services (road/sea), if you want to deliver your cargo to recipient without losing any time, we recommend using air cargo service that is provided by our firm. Material loss due to cargo loss, damage, or missing will be much higher than the price you will pay for this service.

Cargo Pricing

It is impossible to receive an exact price from any air cargo transport firm without providing qualities and quantities of cargo or special cargo. This is also valid for road and sea transport. You need to share certain information about your cargo with our firm for our air cargo services. Related information includes number of cargo, content, size, weight, contact information, and delivery destination (country/airport/address). After your share these information, air cargo transport prices will be calculated and you will be notified about these prices.

Best Pricing

Our firms that offers air cargo service around the world for years is offering these services with the best pricing policy and highest service quality. Our firm is always emphasising to be "a firm with problem free services" by searching for the best airlines to provide the best price offer to our customers based on cargo destination from the first moment we receive demand.

It is important to remember that service provider is as important as affordable prices. Our affordable prices are due to our strong opposition to unfair competition, offering only cargo services, and our agreements with our partners. Accordingly, we would like to remind you that while searching for air cargo prices, you should also look for the sectoral experience of the service provider.

Party That Will Pay For Service Fees

Another topic that is commonly asked in air cargo is about whether sender or recipient will pay air cargo price. When you benefit from our affordable air cargo services, both sender or recipient individual or benefit can pay for the air cargo prices.

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