Air Cargo

Air Cargo

Air Cargo

Fastest and securest way to send cargo to different cities in your country or in other countries: Air Cargo!

Air cargo transport is commonly preferred by various customers around the world, especially by export and import organisations. Carrying your cargo with planes that shorten the distances will help you save time and prevent and cargo deformation.

Benefits of Air Cargo

Cargo transport is conducted with road, sea, and air. Air cargo has numerous advantages compared to other cargo transfer methods. One of these advantages is undoubtedly speed of such transfer. It is a fact that cargo transported with air is delivered to recipients in shorter time compared to road and sea transport.

Another advantage is that service can be provided to cities without road or sea connection but has an airport. In this sense, the ideal way to send a cargo to an island country in the middle of the ocean or to countries/cities with only road connection but cannot be reached due to certain reason (like war) is air cargo transport.

At the same time, air cargo service guarantees cargo safety. Cargo loss, damage, mix, or deformation are impossible due to service functions.

As all organisations and businesses, individuals can benefit from air cargo for once or for multiple times.

Service Areas

Cargos can be delivered to anywhere on Earth with air cargo services. Only requirement for service providers is the existence of airports in the transfer region. It is possible to send cargo to the airport or deliver to the address of recipient.

Which Goods Can Be Transported with Air Cargo?

Anyone can benefit from air cargo service to transfer documents or export/import products that requires fast delivery. Different procedures will be applied based on content and properties of each cargo and it is possible to carry samples, home appliances, sport equipment, all other equipment and perishable food (vegetables, fruits, frozen meat, fish, plants etc.). Additionally, pets and funerals can be transferred with air cargo services. Also, "special cargo" that is fragile, valuable, or hazardous can be transported with air cargo service.

Leading Brand in Air Cargo Service

Our firm is one of the leader companies as reputable business in domestic and international air cargo service sector. Our firm continues to provide services as the most affordable and reliable service provider with the basis of our services is "utility" and our firm operated based on this basis.

In short, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and work day and night in coordinated way to deliver your cargo to recipients.

For Air Cargo Transport Service

If your cargo and your transport destination is ready, all you need to do is to contact our firm and answer some basic questions about your cargo properties and contact information. Then, we will take care of the rest of the process!

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